Bye Sam! These 4 homologous stores are cheap and delicious

Source: Marilyn Rabbit

Hello, cubs!

Before Sam just opened, I applied for a membership card, but then I didn't have time to go. It happened that I was idle at home during the 7-day National Day holiday, so I pulled my best friend to buy some goods for the snack cart, and bought some beef rolls that would be brushed., Swiss rolls, melaleuca, etc., you can eat it when you are chasing dramas at night.

I thought that everyone was going out to travel or go home, so they could walk around slowly, but when they arrived at the scene, it was crowded with people, and it was difficult to move an inch. Seeing the back of the head densely packed in front of me, most of the good mood was gone in an instant. How could I squeeze in with my small body! In the end, I didn't even want the trolley, and quickly ran away.

Hey, my snack supply plan just fell through... But how could I give up easily after engraving the attributes of foodies into my DNA!

So my girlfriend and I, who were not reconciled, spent an afternoon picking up several of the same type of Sam online, waiting for the courier to deliver it to our door, and we didn't need to crowd people. It was really me!

In order to allow the same crowd phobia as me, and the cubs who do not have a Sam membership card can also eat the same delicious snacks, I have sorted out the link, and you can just buy it!

Also, Guangdong is finally cooling down!! The seasonal goods I stocked up in advance can finally be introduced and arranged for you!

1. Gu Yueyuan Cheese Beef Rolls * 3 pcs

Daily Price: 49.9

People who go to Sam, about 7 out of 10 go to their beef rolls. People like me are thin-skinned and small, and they can't squeeze into the team every time. I found the same style in pdd this time, and the membership card can be refunded~

I'm not exaggerating, this cheesy beef roll is here to repay the gratitude! Ahhh I'm crazy! Delicious flying in place!

The skin is fragrant and crispy! The full beef is tender and juicy, filling the mouth instantly! With the cheese that can draw, as well as onions, green peppers, and red peppers, the whole taste is absolutely perfect! It won't get greasy at all, and you'll be amazed every time you eat it! If you haven't eaten it before, try it now!

The point is that it can be frozen! When you want to eat it, the air fryer or oven at 130 degrees will be done in 12 minutes! Don't be too convenient!

2. Sam has the same Swiss roll

Daily Price: 42

Since Guangzhou opened Sam and bought a box of Swiss rolls for my mother the first time I went there, she has been thinking about it. She often urges me to help buy more. Every time I am busy, I shirk it. Now you can also buy the same style online, so that my mother can realize the freedom of Swiss rolls!

I was really amazed when I just received it. The portion is very large. I usually use it as breakfast or afternoon tea. It is hungry and delicious. The cake has a dense taste. Don't lose at all Sam!

There are three flavors: creamy original flavor, Earl Grey black tea flavor, and raw coconut latte coffee flavor. I love black tea flavor, which is fresh and elegant, neither sweet nor greasy!

And it still uses animal cream and sugar substitutes, low calorie 0 sugar, the raw materials are really healthy! Cubs who are afraid of fat can also enjoy it with confidence!

3. Diners agree on pasta * 6 boxes

Daily Price: 49.9

I have also seen this kind of ready-to-eat lazy pasta in Sam before, but the price is really a bit persuasive. I got this one in pdd, and I just placed an order to try it out. Mainly because it is cheap, it only costs a few dollars for a box.

But not to mention, cooking casually really makes a western restaurant feel like tens of dollars, the pasta is very strong, and the sauce is also very sufficient. Fried steak and eggs by yourself, a simple 10-minute operation will make a big meal~

The sauces and ingredients are all matched, and the fool-like operation is suitable for a lazy and greedy kitchen Xiaobai like me. Many people think I made the hair ring when taking pictures. Hehe, I installed it again!

4. Enjoy the moment volcanic stone sausage * 20 pieces

Daily Price: 39.9

I still remember when I was a child, when I saw the grilled sausages on the side of the road from a distance, I would hold my mother's hand and act like a spoiled child and ask her to buy it for me. Sometimes I can successfully deceive two sausages, but sometimes I am directly dragged away. If I want to eat it, it depends on my mother's mood. Now that I have grown up, I have finally achieved the freedom of grilling sausages!

Amway a good time sausage! Enjoy the moment volcanic stone table sausage, pure meat, no added starch!

The intestines were burnt and crunchy, and they were firm and muscular in one bite!

The method is also very simple. Just turn it over and bake it at 180 degrees for 10 minutes in an air fryer for 6 minutes. Sisters who do not have an air fryer can also fry it and eat it~

5. Dudu Potato Crispy Chips * 15 packs

Daily Price: 44.9

Want to give all my sisters Amway this Duddy Potato Fries!

The color of the packaging for each flavor is different from the expression of "Dudu Potato". After opening, there are 6 independent small packages with different emotional words on them. It's super cute~

This is the original cut potato + low temperature process. The French fries taste crunchy and delicious! And it's like a potato fries dried by a local worker. The taste is super fresh. It does not contain any trans fats, is nutritious and healthy, suitable for the whole family to eat together~

A total of 6 flavors: Classic Original, Spicy Crayfish, Western Tomatoes, Tear Mustard, Iced Lime and Pepper Chicken~

Xiao Gongju likes tomato, original and spicy crayfish the most. The French fries are very tasty. After eating, he can't help but suck his fingers all the time. The more he eats, the more fragrant he becomes!

It is convenient to eat when you go out to class or work, and you can also share it with friends on weekends.

Well, that's it for today's food sharing. If you like it, please add it to the shopping cart and collect it~

Or what cubs want to see and share, and what recommendations they need, you can leave a message to Tutu in the comment area~