The west gate of Linyi, the hometown of Zeng Zi of "Zongsheng", has the second highest peak in Shandong

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The county I share with you today is the west gate of Linyi City, adjacent to Fei County in the east, Surabaya in the west, bordering Zaozhuang in the south, and Xintai in the north. It is located at the junction of the four cities and is in the regional center.

The county has a long history. The Western Zhou Dynasty belongs to the Zhuanyu Kingdom, with a history of more than 3,000 years. Zeng Zi, Yuanxian, Zhong You, Tantai Mianming and the modern patriotic general Zuo Baogui were all born here.

Chen Yi, Xu Qianqian, Luo Ronghuan, Su Yu and other older-generation revolutionaries have all fought and lived here, and the "Chen Yi stretcher team" and other nationally famous hero collectives have emerged. Since the reform and opening up, it has created the nationally famous "Nine Shed Spirit".

The territory is beautiful in mountains and rivers, ecologically livable and rich in resources, forming a unique water city style of "rivers and rivers are connected, lakes and lakes are connected, scenery moves with water, and sedum is one color".

This county is Pingyi

Daizong Zhiya
Guimeng Located in Berlin Town, Pingyi County, it is the location of the main peak of the Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area. The main peak, Guimeng Top, is 1156 meters above sea level. It is the second highest peak in Shandong Province and the highest peak in Yimeng Mountain. It is far away from Mount Tai and is known as "Daizong's Asia". Named after resembling a tortoise lying in the sky above the clouds.

The vegetation in the area is dense and the content of negative oxygen ions is extremely high. It has the world's largest mountain carving - Mengshan Shouxian, Jiangbei Longest Plank Road - Mengshan Cliff Plank Road, Linyi International Promotion Landmark Tourist Attractions - Eagle Peak Wonders, Jiangbei Largest Taoist Temple - Longevity Palace and more than 100 natural and cultural landscapes.

The scenic spot integrates the unique natural conditions such as Jiashan, beautiful water, secluded forest, and clear air. It climbs to the top of the turtle-masked scenery, the peak is at the foot, the head is held high in the sky, and the strange peaks are listed, all crawling and arching in the north. The ravines are winding, all dark and green, and the homeland of the State of Lu has a panoramic view.

Pinghu Qiuyi
Wulong Lake Located 13 kilometers southwest of Pingyi County, at the foot of Wulong Mountain in the middle reaches of the Yihe River System, the tributaries of the Junhe River, and the middle reaches of the Tangcun River, it was built in 1958, also known as Tangcun Reservoir and Tangcun Lake. It was named after Li Shimin, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty.

The reservoir is formed by the Tangcun River in the upper reaches of the Xiaohuai River, a tributary of the Jiejun River. The three tributaries of the Tangcun River, Fengyang River and Shanghe River converge in it. The average water surface area is 15,000 mu, and the total storage capacity of the reservoir is 150 million cubic meters. It is the main component of Junhe National Wetland Park.

Surrounded by hills and winding rivers, the reservoir area has 15.13 square kilometers of beautiful natural scenic spots, including Tang Wang Temple, beach baths, Xinghua Island, fishing grounds, Wanglong Pavilion, Lingbo Fairy, spillway gate, bridgehead and other attractions are located in it.

Fragrant Mountain Maple Valley
Xiaoxiang Mountain Located in the northwest of Fengyang Town, Pingyi County, bordering Surabaya County, with an altitude of 316 meters, there are more than 2,000 trees such as pentagonal maple, swallow tree, ancient acacia, and ancient chain on the mountain. The maple trees on the mountain have a history of more than 800 years.

The scenic spots in the area are mainly five-pointed maple. Every year, autumn and winter alternate, the mountains and fields are full of forests, which is quite spectacular, attracting a large number of painting and photography enthusiasts to climb the heights to enjoy the autumn and record the scenery.

The whole mountain was dyed in a colorful look, and the fallen leaves paved a thick layer on the mountain path, strolling leisurely in it. The crisp autumn air came with the freshness of various plants, which instantly made people feel refreshed.

Lunan is wonderful
Zeng Zishan Located in Zhengcheng Town, Pingyi County, with a total area of 418 hectares, the scenic spot covers Zengzi Mountain, the Old City of Wucheng and Zengzi Tomb. From south to north: Zengzi Mountain, Coffin Mountain, Xiaozi Mountain, Precious Top, Transparent Gu, Yinbox Mountain, etc. form several peaks.

The cliffs and cliffs in the area are cut like knives, and there are many scenic spots. The most famous are the reclining gods and Buddhas, the overlook of Yinbox Peak, the transparent cave, the cliff carvings, the ruins of Wang Xiaowu's rebel camp, the funeral of a filial son, and the seven tombs of Zengzi.

The scenic spot integrates Mingshan Lishui and cultural fragrance. The undulating peaks are filled with a beautiful atmosphere. The old stone walls have accumulated profound cultural heritage and are known as "Little Zhangjiajie".

Nanwucheng Village at the foot of the mountain is the ancient city of Wucheng during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It is the birthplace of historical celebrities such as Zengzi, one of the Four Sages of Confucius, Zengdian of the "Seventy-two Sages", and Tantai Mieming. The territory is full of outstanding people and rich in cultural connotations. It is known as the "Wonderful Flower of Lunan".

Yimeng Pearl
Nine sheds It is a small village located in Longding Mountain, a local town in Pingyi County. The village has high mountains and steep streams and cliffs on all sides. On Longding Mountain, which is 640 meters above sea level, there is a huge natural stone shed. When the family surnamed Liu moved here, the villagers built stones to divide the stone shed into nine rooms, hence the name "Nine Shed".

There are many scenic spots in the territory, such as Monk Gu, Tiger Nest Grand Canyon, Swan Lake, Metasequoia Forest, Millennium Vine Tree, Anxious Pu, Shuangrufeng, Mother and Son Mountain, etc. The natural landscape and cultural landscape are closely integrated.

50,000 acres of orchards are connected into one piece, spring and autumn are real, and the four seasons are pleasant, especially in March, when all kinds of fruit trees and flowers are in full bloom, fragrant and fragrant, in the middle, such as in the painting, it is hailed by tourists as "China's largest natural garden".

In the past few decades, from the "dry mountain top" of "stone eggs, bachelors, and needle nests" to the "golden nest" with beautiful mountains and rivers, the spirit of nine booths for hard work has become famous all over the country.

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