It is a pity not to visit Tiger Hill in Suzhou! This scenic spot enjoys the reputation of "the first scenic spot in Wuzhong"

Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, said: "It is a pity not to visit Tiger Hill in Suzhou." The famous saying through the ages makes Tiger Hill a must-visit place for tourists to Suzhou and is a symbol of Suzhou, a famous historical and cultural city. It is well worth going to enjoy the reputation of "the first scenic spot in Wuzhong".

Huqiu Mountain Scenic Area is accompanied by its supporting city Suzhou and is closely related to city life. It is a typical suburban tourist destination.

Huqiu Mountain Scenic Area is located at No. 8 in Huqiu Mountain Gate, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is 3.5 kilometers northwest of Suzhou Ancient City and 34.3 meters above sea level. The scenic area is 72.8 hectares and the core scenic area is 15.97 hectares. It has a long history of more than 2,500 years.

Tiger Hill is also known as Haiyong Mountain. Situ Wangxun and Sikong Wangmin built villas on both sides of Jianchi in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The back house is a temple, named Tiger Hill Temple. The temple is built along the mountain. The "hidden mountain in the temple" is a major feature. There is a saying that "the back mountain of Tiger Hill wins the front mountain", and there are bluestone bridges, stone arches, and lake rock rockeries.

Strictly speaking, this is my second visit to Tiger Hill Scenic Spot. The last time I was here, I only took a few photos at the entrance and left, and this time it is basically an in-depth tour.

It is said that the Tiger Hill in autumn is the most beautiful. At that time, the ginkgo trees are all golden yellow, and the ground is covered with a thick layer of golden ginkgo leaves. It is very beautiful! Unfortunately, I went there in April. The weather was pleasant in spring, and the leaves on the trees had sprouted. Spring also has spring characteristics.

From a distance, you can see the plaque of the "First Mountain in Wu Zhong" hanging on the mountain gate, and through the dense leaves, you can see the towering ancient pagoda Yunyan Temple Pagoda. The scenery in front of you is simply amazing, both classical and elegant, attracting tourists to take out their mobile phones to record the beauty.

Huqiu Mountain is not high, the height is only 34.3 meters, but it is a place where "the mountain is not high, and the immortals are famous". After walking through the Haitong Bridge, the Broken Beam Hall of the Gate on the second mountain of Huqiu comes into view. It has a history of more than 600 years. At this point, it may also suddenly become clear that there is still an ancient temple hidden on this mountain, an ancient temple hidden in the deep mountain, and a place of spiritual energy.

The first famous spring of Tiger Hill is called Han Han Spring , aka Guanyin Spring , located in the eaves of the bucket arch Broken Beam Hall Side by side. There is a stone tablet by the spring, with the words Hanhan Spring engraved on it, and the clear and clear spring water is rushing endlessly.

Tiger Hill is one of the oldest scenic spots in Suzhou. It has beautiful rocks, secluded ravines, gurgling assistance, cold pools and cold springs.

The solemn and majestic Millennium Yunyan Temple Pagoda on Huqiu Mountain, commonly known as Huqiu Pagoda, has seven floors and eight sides, is 47.7 meters high, and slopes to the north-northeast. It is called "China's Leaning Pagoda of Pisa". It is the second leaning tower in the world. It is the earliest surviving pagoda in the south of the Yangtze River, with a large scale and exquisite structure. This tower is even more precious. It is listed in the "World Cultural Heritage List" as an integral part of the Grand Canal. The Huqiu Pagoda standing high on the top of the mountain of Huqiu is a symbol of ancient Suzhou. Therefore, when you go to Suzhou, you must not come to Huqiu!

The pavilions and doors of the pagodas, halls and pavilions of Tiger Hill are all built on the mountain. From the bank of the pond and river in front of the mountain, they gradually rise to the top of the mountain, and then descend from the top of the mountain to the side of the mountain stream.

It is said that the tomb of King Wu is under the sword pool, and there are also 3,000 swords buried with King Wu. There are still many authentic works of calligraphy celebrities of the past dynasties in the sword pool, which have a high artistic level.

As its name suggests, Yongcui Villa is surrounded by emerald green mountains and embraces. There is no need to build rockeries in the garden. It is a rare garden built on a real mountain in Suzhou.

The ancients carved the important events, personnel, time, and thoughts and insights of mountaineering on the cliffs, calling it "Cliff Stone Carving", which is similar to modern people's "visit here" scribbling and painting. Cliff stone carving is not only an ancient calligraphy and seal carving art, but also carries the interests and feelings of many literati, many of which are fine works by famous masters.

In Tiger Hill, there are still more than 80 cliff carvings, including the handwriting of Yan Zhenqing, Mi Fu and others. These stone carvings are concentrated in the natural rock walls and rocks of Qianren Stone, White Lotus Pond, Jianchi, and Third Spring.

Fengcui Villa, this is the only garden without water in Suzhou. It was built by "Hong Junfa" (Sai Jinhua's husband), the champion of the late Qing Dynasty. It is very personalized. The building has four floors built according to the height of the terrain, namely "Huoweng Xuan", "Wenquan Pavilion", "Yuejiaxuan", and "Linglan Jingshe". The landscape on each floor is different. You can also view Tiger Hill and Lion Mountain in the distance.

I like this kind of garden scenery the most, which is fresh, elegant and refined. Suzhou's classical gardens and gardens are integrated, which can be enjoyed, visited and lived in. The formation of this architectural form is a creation of human beings who are attached to nature, pursue harmony with nature, beautify and improve their living environment in a city with dense population and lack of natural scenery.

Suzhou gardeners use unique gardening techniques, in a limited space, by stacking mountains and water management, planting flowers and trees, configuring garden buildings, cultural awareness and aesthetic taste, thus forming a poetic and picturesque literati freehand landscape garden, which makes people "get the joy of mountains and rivers without going out of the city, and get the fun of forest springs while living in the bustling city", achieving the artistic situation of "although it is made by people, it is like the sky opens".

True Mother's Tomb

Zhenniang's Tomb: Zhenniang's original name was Ruizhen. She was originally a northerner. Her parents died when she was a child. Due to the "An-Shi Rebellion" in the Tang Dynasty, she fled to Suzhou with her fellow villagers. Because she was so beautiful, she was favored by the prostitute of the brothel, and she has been accompanying the guests in the brothel since then. Singing, dancing, calligraphy and painting, but she has always insisted on keeping her body like a jade. Later, she was taken care of by the rich man "Wang Yinxiang" at that time, so he bribed the prostitute with a lot of money and tried to stay with Zhenniang. Zhenniang killed herself in order to keep her chastity. Wang Yinxiang was very shocked by Zhenniang's strength, so he vowed not to marry in this life, and finally found a place with good feng shui in Huqiu to bury Zhenniang.

Tiger Hill not only has a long history, but also has a pleasant scenery. Anyone who has been to Tiger Hill feels that it is not in vain to go. Here, you can not only enjoy the gardens, but also visit ancient buildings, and you can also take boats and carriages to experience the life of ancient times. Presumably this is why Song Dongpo said that it is a pity in life not to go to Tiger Hill.


Ticket price: Tiger Hill tickets should be divided into off-season and peak season, off-season: 35 yuan/person, peak season 70 yuan/person.

Address: North end of Huqiu Road, Suzhou City

Transportation: Bus lines from the railway station and the North Bus Station to Huqiu: You 1 Road, You 2 Road; bus lines passing through Huqiu: 8 Road, 949 Road, 32 Road, 46 Road; bus line from the South Bus Station to Huqiu: 103 Road to Tour 1 Road or Tour 2 Road.

In addition, it is also a good choice to walk along the famous Qili Mountain Pond to Tiger Hill.