A small county in Anhui, the Shanghai high-speed rail arrives in 2.5 hours, and I don't want to leave when I come on vacation in summer

The water towns in the south of the Yangtze River are as graceful as ever. The buildings in Anhui have local characteristics. The white walls are dark tiles, and there is a long historical story. Under the high horse head wall, the story of a small town is more like a dream.

There is a small county in Anhui, which is a good place to visit Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Few people know that the Shanghai high-speed rail can be reached in 2.5 hours. The scenery is picturesque, the population is sparse, and the local prices are not high. You will not regret coming for vacation and pension.

The misty rain enters the south of the Yangtze River, the scenery of the south of the Yangtze River is gradually hazy, the quiet lakes are full of ripples, the raindrops on the water are the cheerful drums in the song, the shadows of the mountains are dreaming in the water, on and under the bridge, There are beautiful scenery, I dreamed of Huizhou, the song in the wind, melodious in my ears, the story of Huizhou is even more refreshing in my heart, the breeze blows, and the gentle shadow of the south of the Yangtze River also stays in my heart.

An arch bridge stands in the landscape picture scroll, connecting the sky and the world. The misty rain hazy the whole city, and the shadow of the distant mountains gradually blurred. The continuous green mountains have no edges and corners, but have the tenderness of Huizhou. The clouds and mists drifted in the mountains, and the mountains also became romantic. The faint shadows of the mountains painted in the water, painting the tenderness of the small town.

After walking through a bridge, I learned about a city, the clear water flows, gurgling under the bridge, a simple wooden bridge, but it carries the memories of several generations, the red straps, already in the passing years, gradually faded, built a good bridge, but did not fall, Long Bridge connected with the scenery on both sides of the strait, people come and go, everything in the past may have long been different, quiet villages, but beautiful as a paradise.

The refreshing wind blows, the ripples on the water do not disturb the quiet village, the mountains in the distance are like ink, waiting for the ancient village, the small bridge and the flowing water are people, the years are quiet, the boat is not seen, and the boat is slowly sailing into the distance, only thoughts, go away with the wind, dream clouds, fluttering under the sky, the paradise alone in a corner is as beautiful as ever.

The landscape becomes a painting, the sunset at dusk is a romantic poem written by the sky to the earth, through the beam of light of the clouds, it has become the most beautiful filter, such as the clouds of cream puffs, with romantic colors, shadows are reflected in the water, Romance has no edge, the picture scroll under the water is gradually becoming more and more romantic, the mountains and villages are like dreams in the water, and there are boundless beauty on the shore and in the water.

In the white walls and dark tiles, the smoke curls, the village between the mountains and rivers is as quiet as ever, the birds pass by, leaving behind a beautiful arc, the shadows in the water, swept by the wind, the beautiful idyllic scenery, such as poetry and picturesque, came into view, and also had a romantic mark in my heart.

The spring water at the foot of the mountain, when I met the stone, sang the cheerful little song of summer, the water was gurgling, the seemingly messy stone, but the edges and corners were worn away, there was a gentle shadow, and in the crystal clear water, there was a small fish. The figure swims freely, and there are happy memories in the good times.

The beautiful pictures in the memory appeared in front of him. The familiar scene reappeared as before. The summer of childhood gradually became clear, and there was a carefree time in the cool water.

Tall palm trees block half of the sun, there is a cool summer under the tree, and the golden fruit has disappeared from the memories of the past with the passage of time. The characteristic buildings of the Hui School have their own stories. Standing in a small town, the years have passed, and the story has a new chapter.

The green vines climbed the high wall, the branches were stretched, and the summer was smaller and fresher. Painting on the white wall, light and shadow were also romantic. The wooden doors were locked, and the past events were all in the house. The flowers and plants in the courtyard grew in the sun. With the brilliance of the sun, and in the passing wind, a new romantic story was continued.

If you are not careful and get lost in the alley, you will not see the girl with the oil paper umbrella passing by, but at the corner, you will meet a warm beam of light, an unexpected little surprise, in the mottled years, painted A beautiful picture scroll, only to know that it is lucky to meet.

This is Jixi County, located in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province.

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