In 2019, 64-year-old Kate's mother is in good shape in a bikini, how to cultivate two golden phoenixes

In 2019, Princess Kate's mother Carol Middleton was on vacation at the beach. I saw her wearing a swimsuit-style bikini, sunglasses on her face, and long hair in a bun. She looked very refreshing.

Although she is 64 years old, not even wrinkles can be seen on her face.

Moreover, Carol's figure is very tight, there is no fat in sight, and her lower abdomen is very flat. There are firm muscles on her arms and arms. The overall look is shoulder-wide and legs-long, with slender arms and very good body proportions.

And, when you look closely at Carol's waist and abdomen, you can still see that she has a vest line. A 64-year-old woman who has become a grandmother can still have a vest line, which is really inspiring.

So I really have to sigh, really worthy of being the mother of the inspirational heroine Kate, Carol can maintain her figure so well, it can be seen that she has made a lot of efforts on weekdays.

The woman next to Carroll is Pippa, the sister of Princess Kate. Pippa is also a rich white beauty. Although she is not married to the British prince, she is married to a banker who is worth more than 2 billion pounds.

At Kate's wedding, she wore a white fishtail dress as a bridesmaid. She was graceful, and just looking back was enough to overwhelm all sentient beings.

Moreover, Pippa also has a very perfect waist-to-hip ratio, and even stole the limelight of the bride's sister at the wedding scene.

This time, Pippa wore a white polka dot bikini swimsuit and played happily in the water with his mother Carol.

Although Pippa and Carol are a mother and daughter, they look like sisters, which shows that Carol is indeed a skilled.

Today, Carol seems to have completed the counterattack of her life. From an ordinary miner's family girl, she has counterattacked to become a celebrity and rich woman in the British upper class. She is the mother of two "golden phoenixes" and the mother-in-law of William, the current Prince of Wales.

Carol can cultivate two golden phoenixes from the miner's daughter, which is inseparable from her long-term efforts and persistence. Let's take a look at the story of Kate's mother today!

Carroll was born in a west London suburb in 1955 to Ronald Goldsmith, a former miner and driver, and a clothing store salesperson.

Although Carol came from an ordinary family, she had a beautiful face. In 1974, at the age of 18, she participated in a high school group photo. In the photo, she was wearing a dark blue school uniform, with her hair spread over her shoulders. With a smile on her face, she was already showing her school beauty. The bridge of her nose was high and her facial features were deep, which was different from the temperament of the girls around her.

After leaving high school, Carol didn't go to school, but she didn't want to repeat the mistakes of her parents and struggled in poverty. She wanted to change her destiny, so she kept "recharging" herself, learned French, and later applied for a job as a flight attendant.

In 1980, Carroll and aircraft dispatcher Michael Francis fell in love for a year and got married. After the marriage, they settled in a loft villa and gave birth to two daughters and a son. The eldest daughter, Kate, has been very successful since she was a child. She has been the captain of the school hockey team, participated in tennis competitions, and studied at the University of St Andrews, a famous Scottish school.

In 2011, Kate became Prince William's bride, completing the transformation from an ordinary woman to a princess. Carol was very pleased with her daughter's transformation. Before attending Kate's wedding, she wanted to show her best at her daughter's wedding and decided to adopt the "Dukan diet" to lose weight.

The original Princess Diana also tried to diet to lose weight. In order to be able to show her most beautiful side at the wedding, she went on an unhealthy diet, which eventually led to physical damage and anorexia.

And Carol is much smarter than Diana. She is not blindly dieting, but adopts the dieting method invented by French nutritionists. Through high-protein diet and low-carbohydrate two ways, she can comprehensively control her diet and make nutritious meals for herself. In such a healthy way, Carol successfully got rid of a few pounds of edema and attended her daughter's wedding with a better attitude.

For her daughter's grand royal wedding, Carol can be described as well-intentioned. She also visited Diana's favorite designer Catherine and asked her to help tailor a beige dress.

At her daughter's wedding, Carol looked extravagant, and there were no fine lines at the corners of her eyes. Although she came from a miner's family, she looked extravagant. At the age of 56, she could not see any signs of old age.

Carol not only self-disciplined, her spirit also influenced Kate and Pippa, so that Kate and Pippa also grew up disciplined and healthy. She also infected many descendants, such as her three grandchildren, with her selfless care and love.

In 2021, 66-year-old Kate helped her daughter Kate with the baby, planning to teach three children how to garden, taught them to grow carrots together, and encouraged them to compete in growing sunflowers. Carol carefully taught her words and deeds, so that the three children learned to garden and spent their time happily in the small garden.

Carol looks perfect for taking babies, gardening, and making nutritious meals. She also likes to play tennis and often sweats her youth on the tennis court.

In June 2022, Carol participated in the Royal Jockey Club. At that time, she wore a pink dress and appeared on the racetrack. When she appeared, she surprised many people.

At this time, Carol has reached the age of 67. In the eyes of many people, "people are seventy years old". An old man close to seventy years old can no longer wear a bright pink skirt. However, on Carol's face, it is difficult for us to see the traces left by the years. This pink skirt full of girlhood does not conflict with her age.

Carol wore a black round mesh top hat and a pair of high heels under her feet. She was in high spirits and smiled brightly, chatting and laughing with the female relatives beside her. In the sun, her skirt fluttered to both sides, making it even brighter.

This scene quickly reminded people of her daughter Kate, because Kate also wore such a dress to attend the event. Compared with her daughter's way of wearing, Carol's way of wearing is more casual and more comfortable. Temperament.

No matter when, in front of the camera, Carol can maintain elegance and maintain a calm and generous smile, and it is no wonder that she, who is so beautiful and moving, can raise two excellent daughters.

After her two daughters flew to the branches and became phoenixes, she did not stop her efforts. She continued to run her own business, maintain her posture, cultivate herself, and made herself a bright color in British high society.

I have to say that a woman like Carol can live a wonderful life no matter what life situation she has!