Diana moved into an apartment at 18 and started dating Charles, which became her happiest time

In July 1979, at the age of 18, Diana moved into an apartment called Corleone, where she spent two years.

Located in a corner of London's Knightsbridge, this apartment is not a fancy apartment, far inferior to many of the mansions Diana once lived in, and the total value of this apartment is only £50,000.

Also, this small apartment has only 3 rooms and is not large. When Diana lived in, she hadn't bought this small apartment, she just rented it, and later Diana inherited some family inheritance and sold her favorite residence.

But in Diana's eyes, it has great significance. Andrew Morton mentioned in his memoir "Diana" that Princess Diana thought she was the most naive, innocent and simple during that time.

It was in the year she moved into the apartment that she met and got to know Prince Charles. In February 1981, Diana and Charles were officially engaged. She also moved out of the apartment and moved to Clarence House, where many members of the British royal family once lived. Residence.

Diana had lived in countless mansions in her life, but her favorite house in her life was this ordinary small apartment. The meaning of this is self-evident: she didn't just like the house, but the feeling of dating Charles.

Diana also said that the time she lived in this apartment was the happiest time in her life, which shows how important Charles' status is in Diana's mind.

After all, Charles is a prince, and in Diana's eyes, he is so noble. When she was young, she loved to read Barbara Cattelan's romance novels, and she was full of longing for the love stories of princes and princesses. She once pasted pictures of Charles all over her small apartment, trying to prove how much she loved him with practical actions.

The relationship between Diana and Charles is always that Diana loves more, but Charles' love for Diana seems to be just to fulfill the husband's obligation to his wife.

Whether in love or marriage, the one who loves more tends to be more humble, as Diana was.

Diana's grandmother used to be Queen Elizabeth's official, and the two had a good relationship. Queen Elizabeth regarded Diana as her little granddaughter, so Charles knew very well that marrying Diana would satisfy everyone.

At that time, Charles' heart was already dead. Anyway, the love of his life, Camilla, had already married someone else, so he could marry anyone. So, Charles prepared to marry Diana in 1981.

Five months before their wedding, Diana attended an engagement dinner with her fiancé, Charles. She was stunning when she appeared in front of everyone. She was wearing a gorgeous Chinese pony dress, and gorgeous embroidery on a bright red satin was blooming.

This red dress set off her brightly and movingly, making her suddenly become the center of vision, setting off Charles, who was wearing a black suit and bow tie next to her, like her attendant.

Diana wore this dress because she learned that in ancient China, red represented joy, and women wore red horse-face skirts to express auspiciousness when they got married, so she happily changed into horse-face skirts, and she also wanted to marry the best one in her most beautiful years.

This is the only time in Diana's life to wear a big red horse dress. She showed her deep love to the fullest. When love first sprouts, girls can't help but dress up for their lovers, choose auspicious clothes, and dress up for every occasion.

It's a pity that Diana's pony dress is still wrong. Although the pony dress represents growing old together, the belt needs to be white, and the pony dress Diana wore that day also has a red belt. This wrong pony dress also means that Diana's married life is not as sweet and beautiful as she thought.

After the engagement party, Diana wore a pink puff-sleeved dress to watch a polo match from Charles. In this game, she wore the engagement ring that Charles gave her. The sapphire ring shone in the bright sunshine, hands clasped on her chest, praying that Charles could win the game.

In this game, Diana also wore two watches to set off her slender arms. In fact, these two watches are also expressing expectations for love. One of the two watches is a men's watch with a wider strap. The other is a women's watch with a thinner strap. The two watches are nestled together, making people feel that this is Diana's ideal love.

On February 24, 1981, after Diana and Charles got engaged, they appeared on an interview show. When the host asked: "Are you in love?", Diana's cheeks flushed, and she replied softly and firmly: "Of course I love him!" When a reporter asked her if being a princess would be stressful? Diana replied: "With Charles around, everything is fine."

But ironically, the reporter turned his head and asked Charles: "Is there love between you and Diana?" As a result, Charles asked the reporter: "It depends on how you define love."

Diana didn't like to laugh when she was a child. In 1970, Diana wore a white gauze dress and attended her cousin's wedding as a flower girl. At that time, she was only 9 years old. It should have been the most innocent and ignorant moment, but the smile on her face was extra subtle, with the meaning of "skin smile but not flesh smile". The smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes, and there was still a bit of seriousness in her eyes.

On the wedding day of Diana and Charles, at the grand wedding in 1981, she grinned, that pure smile, I can't wait for the whole world to know how much she likes Charles around her.

At this time, she was only 20 years old. She could still see the shadow of her youth between her eyebrows, her delicate and tall features, and her smile was gentle. She raised the bouquet, and she squatted down patiently and kindly to comfort a crying little flower boy, sharing her love for Charles, and implementing it to the extreme.

Later, Diana made another intimate move for Charles. Since Diana and Charles are both 178cm tall, Diana put on a pair of flat shoes for him.

In February 1982, Diana and Charles went to the beach together for their honeymoon. Although Diana was pregnant, she was still as beautiful as a girl, her skin gleaming in the sun.

She and Charles were lying on the beach chair together when they suddenly remembered something, and with a playful smile on their faces, they stretched out one foot and rested it on Charles' lap.

Charles didn't resent her intimate movements either. The two lay together, and their gestures exuded a kind of lazy beauty. This action was full of meaning, and it also made people feel how much Diana liked Charles at that time, so she would confess her love in public.

In 1985, when Diana and Charles visited Australia, Diana received a bouquet of flowers from an Australian citizen. Among these flowers, there are several flowers with very auspicious flower language, expressing wishes for her lover.

When Diana saw these flowers, her eyes suddenly glowed with surprise. Giving such flowers to her seemed to be a blessing for the relationship between her and Charles, so she lowered her head, sniffed the flowers gently, and buried her head in the bouquet, reminiscent of the phrase "There is a tiger in the heart, sniff the roses".

Perhaps, the love between Diana and Charles was unequal from the beginning, and Diana's love for Charles was always more. Even after tearing her face with Charles in the end, she still often missed and Charles. The beauty of being together, and this relationship is an unforgettable memory.

It is difficult for such unequal love to have a good ending, so in the end, they are destined to lose their balance like scales, and there is an empty sigh.

Perhaps, Diana loves Charles less, they may really not get divorced, and they will stay together until old age!