Trump's bad wife: She was prettier than Ivanka when she was young, married 4 times, 73 years old and had a boyfriend

In April 2008, 59-year-old Ivana held her fourth wedding in her second husband Trump's luxury villa.

The groom is only 35 years old, and the difference between the two of them is a full 24 years. But that didn't stop 59-year-old Ivana and her young husband from showing their love in a high-profile way.

Moreover, Trump not only gave his "bad wife" Ivana a wedding venue, but also covered all the expenses of the marriage. And he also took the groom's hand and told him to be nice to Ivana.

Seeing this, do you think Trump is really a good ex-husband? His original wife got married, and he seemed like a family.

In fact, it is Ivana who has the strength to make Trump respect her sincerely, which may be called "after the breakup, we will still be friends"!

Ivana can be regarded as a master of beauty, and with her husband who is 24 years younger, there is no age difference at all. However, the marriage ended after 8 months. And then the little husband has always been by Ivana's side.

In May of this year, 73-year-old Ivana wore leopard print, painted red lips and went shopping with her little boyfriend. I have to say that Ivana is dashing, but it is different with the big heroine script in hand.

Ivana is very fond of leopard print. Even at the age of 73, she still does not like leopard print. When she was young, Ivana was very beautiful, more beautiful than her daughter Ivanka, who was called a peach on earth.

In May, Ivana's mental state was not bad, and she was accompanied by her little boyfriend. Unfortunately, in July this year, Ivana died alone at home, and the 73-year-old Ivana left like this, but her story is still being told. Let's take a look at the story of this legendary woman today!

On Christmas Day 1989, Ivana and Trump had been married for 13 years, and the two spent 7 years of itching, but they didn't get through the 13 years.

Because Trump's lover, Marla, greeted Ivana recklessly: "Hello Ivana, my name is Maha, and I'm Trump's lover."

Although Ivana turned a blind eye to Trump's marital infidelity, Ivana still felt unacceptable when a lover came to her door so blatantly.

And, the day after Mara provoked Ivana, newspapers big and small published Trump's lover's provocation of Ivana. Ivana felt even more pale. Ivana made a decision to divorce Trump.

The shrewd businessperson Trump signed a prenuptial agreement with Ivana before marriage, and Ivana has been constantly revising the prenuptial agreement after marriage. Because Ivana is Trump's best helper, it can be said that there would be no Trump without Ivana.

So, even though Marla has been pestering Trump, crying with him, hoping that he can divorce and marry him, Trump knows that if he divorces Ivana, he will lose too much.

In the summer of 1989, Trump bought a cruise ship specifically for Maha, and named it the "Trump Princess". On this ship, Trump and Mara had a very good time.

Unfortunately, what Trump did not expect was that Marla found her wife Ivana on Christmas Day.

Ivana can turn Trump from a rich second generation to a real estate tycoon. How can the little thing of her husband's infidelity stumped her? Ivana and Trump fought a lawsuit for nearly 2 years and took half of Trump's family property. In this way, Trump and Ivana divorced.

Ivana married Trump for the second time. She was provoked by her husband's lover when she was 40 years old, and her second marriage ended when she was 42 years old.

Ivana started her third marriage at the age of 46, four years after her divorce from Trump.

This time, Ivana's marriage partner, Richard Mazucelli, is a businessperson from Italy who is not inferior to Trump. At the third wedding, Ivana was wearing an aqua blue dress. It looks very beautiful.

On the same day, the groom kissed Ivana on the cheek in front of everyone. Although this was Ivana's third marriage, she still looked shy as a little girl. This is Ivana, who can hold a big heroine script in her hand and play a little woman beside her husband.

At that time, 14-year-old Ivanka was the bridesmaid of her mother Ivana. The mother and daughter stood together like sisters. In fact, Ivana looked a little more beautiful than Ivanka.

Unfortunately, this marriage did not last long and ended. The boyfriends around Ivana never broke up. These boyfriends were either rich or handsome, much younger than Ivana. In short, Ivana's two favorite things, one is to "make money", and the other is to fall in love.

And what about Trump? In 1992, he and Ivana reluctantly divorced. Originally, he did not want to marry Marla. Originally, Marla was the third wife, and he was very annoyed by the fact that he divorced Ivana, and in Trump's mind, only a woman like Ivana can marry home, and Marla can only be a lover.

However, the scheming Mara "took the opportunity" to conceive Trump's child. Maha first used her identity as a lover to divorce Trump and Ivana, and then used the child in her belly to force Trump to marry her.

In 1996, Marla and her bodyguard lover were walking on the beach and were filmed. Trump couldn't bear it anymore and "kicked" Marla and their daughter out of the house. Trump greened Ivana, and Marla's junior took over; and Marla cheated on her bodyguard lover, greening Trump.

When Trump and Ivana divorced, Trump gave Ivana 25 million dollars, but when Trump and Mara divorced, he only gave Mara 1 million dollars. It can be seen that for Trump, Ivana and Mara are important!

Now, Ivana has passed away; and 59-year-old Marla is still charming, don't have a charm! The last laugh is Trump!