Zipper door In the past 24 years, 74-year-old Hillary has worn a blue dress and walked the red carpet. She is so bloated and wrinkled like an aunt

In September 2022, at the 79th Venice Film Festival, 74-year-old Hillary also went to join in the fun, and followed the trend like a young person and walked the red carpet.

At that time, Hillary was wearing a long aqua blue dress, which was loose and not close to the body, making her figure more and more bloated and fat into an aunt; and, Hillary's face was visible to the naked eye, and her smile was even more wrinkled. It is not an exaggeration to say that she is a grandma.

Not to mention that when she smiled and waved at the camera, the skirt fluttered wildly against the wind, like an inflated balloon.

Hillary was also a peerless beauty when she was young, but unfortunately, no matter how beautiful she is, she has to admit defeat in the face of time. Just like Ivanka, the former first daughter of the United States, who was called "human peach" when she was young, and now she is 42 years old with three children. She is also like a fat aunt, and her figure looks much stronger than her husband.

Today, the 74-year-old Hillary looks wrinkled like a fat aunt. It has been 24 years since the zipper door we were familiar with in 1998. Let's relive how beautiful Hillary was when she was young!

In 1975, when Hillary and Clinton got married, she was wearing a white minimalist puff-sleeved wedding dress, with Clinton hugging her shoulders and sticking tightly together, like a pair of greasy little couples.

At the official wedding scene, Hillary hugged Clinton's shoulders very domineeringly, not like a shy bride, but like a groom.

And Clinton also smiled and acquiesced to his wife's "domineering". Clinton looked at Hillary like a little wife, and her eyes were full of love. When she was young, Hillary did "conquer" Clinton with her beauty and brain.

Later, Clinton even lay on his wife's shoulders, like a little wife.

After marriage, Clinton and Hillary Clinton each had their own careers, and they both developed smoothly. As a legal elite, Hillary was involved in major cases, as well as the Nixon Watergate case.

Since entering politics, Hillary's image has been basically fixed. When people think of her, they will think of her in professional attire and short, rugged and capable hair.

But when she was young, Hillary tried various hairstyles. For example, she once had long straight hair and cleverly braided the top of her head to optimize the top of her skull and look sweeter overall.

Of course, Hillary is still more suitable for long hair with a little curl. She has thick eyebrows and big eyes like grapes. In high school, she had this hairstyle on Hillary's ID photo. The "bud heads" on both sides seem a little cumbersome, but they make the overall sense richer.

In 1978, Clinton successfully ran for governor and attended an inaugural ball. Clinton, 32, brought Hillary, 31, to the ball.

At that time, Hillary was wearing a velvet dress. Her outfit could be said to be a "disaster". She stepped on a lot of minefields, and the wool roll looked big and old-fashioned. The velvet dress itself was made of luxurious fabrics, but it was a very complicated and loose version, so that it looked bloated.

Not to mention that Hillary also wore a pair of bookish glasses and stood beside her handsome lover Clinton, not like his lover or dance partner, but more like his female secretary.

In 1984, the 38-year-old Clinton became governor for the second time. Hillary wore a lace dress to attend his inauguration party. This time, Hillary is no longer criticized as she was at the beginning. On the contrary, she has completely broken away from bookishness and fully revealed her beauty.

She turned the old and rough French wool roll into a smooth and supple short ear-length hair, and the light and agile lace skirt seemed to be tailor-made for her. The overall nobility was full, and the embroidery design could gently highlight the collarbone. She raised her eyebrows and put heavy makeup on it, thus showing more charm.

This time, when dancing with Clinton, Hillary was obviously smiling more confidently and in high spirits, revealing the charm of being a beauty, and the way Clinton looked at her was also an unconcealed appreciation.

In old age, Hillary also danced with Clinton in long skirts, but after all, she was not as gorgeous and gorgeous as when she was young. Hillary still lost when she was in the same frame as the Queen of England, 21 years older than her. The temperament and beauty of the Queen of England are really not comparable to ordinary people.

That day, Hillary was wearing a blue and red hip-wrapped dress, embellished with beautiful green crystals and emerald brooches. Her red lips were raised slightly, and a happy smile appeared on her face. Although there were already signs of aging on her face, but there was no change in temperament, and she was still extremely noble and elegant.

The queen next to Hillary, wearing a red and blue polka-dot outfit very similar to her dress, overshadowed Hillary.

In 2000, Hillary met the Queen again. At that time, Hillary was wearing a long black trench coat with a meaty pink shirt, which added a soft little freshness to the solemn atmosphere. For Hillary, this is a dress she is very good at, and she can add a sweet girly element at her fingertips in the workplace style.

Since she has reached the age of 53, Hillary is no longer suitable for dressing up tender. Therefore, her hairstyle has changed from the cute hairstyle of her youth to short curly hair showing her forehead. The ends of the hair are tied and lightly wrap around the ears.

At this time, only two years have passed since the zipper door, and it can be seen that Hillary has come out of this scandal, that is so typical of Hillary with a big female script.

This kind of hair is also often referred to by many people as "aunt head", but for this kind of aunt head, Hillary still handles it lightly.

There is also a very special "fate" between Hillary and the queen. They also prefer to use white pearl earrings with white pearl necklaces. The only two funerary items after the queen's death include a pair of pearl earrings. And Hillary also likes to use simple white pearl earrings to embellish her blond hair.

At that time, Hillary and the Queen stood together, and her appearance had diminished, and her temperament was not as elegant as the Queen. The Queen was 21 years older than Hillary, her lips were red and her teeth were white, and her temperament was noble. In terms of temperament and appearance, she was not a star and a half stronger than Hillary.

However, as Hillary and Clinton get older, they no longer value beauty so much. Beauty has passed away, and what has settled is intelligence, grace and wisdom.

In 2021, when the 73-year-old Hillary appeared in front of everyone, she was already the "fat aunt" in everyone's mind. Her belly was full of fat, extremely fat and bloated, and her body was further swollen, and the whole was like a bloated balloon.

However, Clinton by her side has always accompanied her, chatting with her, and the two embraced nature on the sea, walking to their heart's content, and happiness and stability could be seen on their faces. In 2021, it has been 23 years since the zipper door in 1998, Clinton is suffering from illness, and Hillary is fat as an aunt.

However, looking at the way they accompany each other still makes people feel that the years are stable and the world is quiet. This silent company is also a kind of happiness.

In this world, everyone will grow old, and it is also possible to change from a green and watery human peach to a fat aunt. However, we don't need to regret the past years, everyone will grow old, but as long as the pace is calm and comfortable, there will be a different kind of beauty in aging, just like Hillary.