Queen's cousin: more beautiful than the queen, and brother-in-law Prince Philip have maintained a lover relationship for 20 years

At the end of March 2022, at the one-year anniversary of Prince Philip's death, a woman in a grey suit stood out.

The smiling woman at the memorial ceremony looked a little similar to Diana at first glance, especially since they both had short blond hair. Moreover, at 69 years old, she still looked radiant, as if she was a bit the most beautiful in the audience.

This beauty is none other than Penny, who has been a lover with Prince Philip for 46 years.

Of course, Penny also has an identity, the wife of Lord Mountbatten III Norton, and Norton is the grandson of Prince Philip's uncle. So, does Penny have to call Prince Philip something?

In this way, Prince Philip really likes "rabbits eat grass by the nest" when it comes to finding lovers. In his 74-year marriage with the queen, he has found more than 30 lovers, and there is a very close relative to his wife, the queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra.

It is not difficult to see from this that Prince Philip is really charming. Not only did the 13-year-old Queen fall in love with him at first sight, but also attracted the Queen's cousin. The two maintained a lover relationship under the Queen's nose for 20 years.

It should be said that although Prince Philip is a flamboyant, he is also very infatuated in his flamboyant heart. Not to mention that he and the Queen met from 1939 to 1947, until the end of their lives. The two have known each other for 82 years and have been married for 74 years.

It is said that Prince Philip and his lover can be together for 46 or 20 years. What a perseverance! Today, let us take a look at the story of Prince Philip, his brother-in-law, and the Queen's cousin! See how Prince Philip eats the grass by the nest.

Princess Alexandra, born in 1936, is 10 years younger than her cousin the Queen and 15 years younger than her brother-in-law Prince Philip. Her father is the Duke of Kent, the younger brother of the Queen's father, King George VI; and her mother is a blue-blooded princess of Greek and Danish descent.

From here, it is not difficult to see that Alexandra's blood is purer than her cousin, the Queen, and she is a real blue-blooded princess. Because the Queen's mother, Queen Elizabeth, is far less bloodline than Alexandra's mother.

Not only was Alexandra more noble than the Queen, she was also more beautiful than the Queen when she was a child. Unfortunately, this noble blue-blooded princess lost her father when she was 8 years old.

Although Alexandra has not had a father since she was 8 years old, fortunately, her grandmother Queen Mary is very caring for their family, so she has been pampered since she was a child.

Here I have to mention that the queen has been very caring for this cousin who is 10 years younger than her since she was a child, but I don't know why the queen, who has always had high emotional intelligence, likes to give Alexandra her old clothes.

Alexandra is quite critical of the fact that her cousin always gives her old clothes. Although she has lost her father since she was 8 years old, she is also a blue-blooded princess of the British royal family. How can she not be guilty of picking up relatives' old clothes to wear!

However, the Queen probably doesn't think so. She has always regarded Alexandra as her closest sister except her sister Princess Margaret, but this sister has become her husband's lover when she grows up, which is also unexpected by the Queen..

In the British royal documentary "Princess Alexandra: The Queen's Confidant", it is mentioned that after the Queen lost her sister Princess Margaret, she regarded her cousin Princess Alexandra as her closest person.

We go on to talk about Princess Alexandra and Prince Philip. In fact, the two of them are also related. Because of Queen Victoria's relationship, Alexandra has to call Prince Philip an uncle from her mother's side, and she is not yet out of five clothes. Uncle.

And when did Prince Philip and Alexandra become close? It starts with the Queen's succession. The Queen succeeded to the throne in 1952 and was crowned in 1953. Prince Philip, as the first person to kneel to the Queen, actually hurt his self-esteem.

Later, Prince Philip began to toss about the child's surname. In short, for a long time, the relationship between Prince Philip and the Queen was very bad, and even the two were unwilling to participate in activities together. As a result, Alexandra often participated in various activities of the British royal family with Prince Philip.

Alexandra lost her father when she was a child, and her mother disciplined her very strictly. She has always been a good daughter of the British royal family. When she faced her tall, handsome and humorous brother-in-law, Prince Philip, she was inevitably moved.

What about Prince Philip? Facing Alexandra, who was 15 years younger and beautiful, he was naturally moved. In addition, he had a very bad relationship with the queen during that time, so he and Alexandra became lovers.

So does the Queen know about this? The answer is yes, Prince Philip and Alexandra fell in love under the eyes of the Queen and became lovers. The Queen has long been accustomed to the affair of the Prince. When the Queen was pregnant with Charles, Prince Philip cheated on the theatrical actor, so the Queen is not surprised.

However, other members of the British royal family are not as generous as the queen. They often run up to the queen and say what Prince Philip and Alexandra have done together.

The queen could still pretend to be deaf and dumb at the beginning, but as more and more people came to her to talk about it, the queen couldn't hold on to her face, so she thought about marrying her cousin quickly, so that the relationship between her cousin and her husband gradually faded.

In 1963, at the age of 27, Alexandra married Angus Ogilvy, the second son of an earl. It is not difficult to see from the title that Alexandra is married down, but there is no way. The British royal family knows about her and her brother-in-law, Prince Philip, so they can only choose an earl's son to marry her.

Angus Ogilvy should be happy when he married the blue-blooded princess, but he also knew about his wife and Prince Philip, so the relationship between the two after marriage was not good, even if they had both children after marriage, but the two quietly divorced after about 10 years of marriage.

Moreover, before Alexandra divorced, she still maintained a lover relationship with Prince Philip. The lover relationship between the two lasted for about 20 years. Later, because Prince Philip had a new love, Penny, the relationship between the two gradually broke off.

In short, Alexandra has been with her brother-in-law for 20 years under the eyes of her cousin, and she has to say that the queen's belly is really big.

The Queen and her cousin often attend various events together, and the relationship between the two still seems to be very close.

Originally, this love-hate relationship of the British royal family has long since come to an end, but in 1989 it was brought up again by a person, that person is Alexandra's daughter Marina, who insisted on marrying a commoner boyfriend, and also took care of her mother Alexandra asked for money to support the children in her belly.

Although Alexandra and her brother-in-law have been together for 20 years, as a mother, she wants her daughter to be happy and not to follow in her own footsteps, so she does not agree with her daughter to give birth to a child in her belly, and wants her daughter to break up with her civilian boyfriend.

As a result, what Alexandra did not expect was that Marina's non-civilian boyfriend would not marry, and she directly told her mother that if she did not agree to marry her boyfriend, then she would bring out her past with Prince Philip.

As a result, Alexandra ran to her cousin, the Queen, and asked her to help her persuade members of the royal family to agree to her daughter's marriage. In 1963, the Queen asked her cousin to marry in order to cover up the scandal, and in 1989, she again helped Alexandra's daughter marry a commoner boyfriend to cover up the scandal.

It has to be said that the queen really wants to wear her crown and must bear its weight. In the face of the prince's many infidelities, all she thinks about is how to cover up the scandal. For the face of the royal family, she can endure anything.

In fact, Alexandra also misses the queen's good, and has been doing her best to perform her duties as a member of the royal family for many years, helping the queen share a lot of worries.

In 2002, the Queen's sister Margaret died, and Alexandra became the most trusted person of the Queen, and the incident between Alexandra and Prince Philip has long been a thing of the past.

Since 2005, Alexandra has been the most attended female member of the British royal family. Now that both Prince Philip and the Queen have passed away, 86-year-old Alexandra is still tough, let's wish her all the best!