How hard does Charlotte, who is worth $5 billion, learn to ride horses at 2, ballet at 3, and school at 4

In 2018, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte wore a pink suspender dress with a pair of black sandals to a family picnic party, and the overall match was very well-behaved.

However, as soon as she got to the lawn, Charlotte disregarded her lady image and ran happily on the lawn. The 3-year-old even leaned on the grass, touched the ground with her head, and turned a big somersault.

Seeing such a lively and agile little princess, many people felt envious of her innocence and carefree.

However, the 7-year-old Charlotte who appeared in the eyes of the public now was no longer the little girl who loved to act cute and act cute. She had long since transformed into a "little adult" with a temperament comparable to the queen.

At the funeral of the great-grandmother queen, Charlotte behaved generously, that is so typical of "mini queen", but when she was emotional, Charlotte, who was only 7 years old, thought of her best great-grandmother queen and broke down and cried.

Of course, at the funeral, Charlotte also made a respectful curtsey to the Queen's coffin. At the age of 2, Kate taught Charlotte to curtsey. According to the British royal family, girls should learn curtsey at the age of 4, and Charlotte began to learn curtsey when she was 2 years old.

We only see the scenery of Princess Charlotte on the surface. In fact, she is a very hard-working and excellent princess. Let's take a look!

Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015. Shortly after her birth, she moved into Anemer hall Castle. Her father William also paid £1.5 million for her to renovate the castle.

When Charlotte was growing up, there were traces of exercise everywhere. Charlotte's older brother, Prince George, is an athlete and took swimming lessons at Buckingham Palace when he was very young.

In order to make it safer for him to take swimming lessons, his mother will also carefully prepare diving goggles and various equipment for him. George, who was young, wore big diving goggles, which made people laugh.

And Charlotte is not bad compared to Prince George. Although she did not learn to swim, she began to learn equestrian at the age of 2.

Because in the British royal family, every royal woman has a love for horse racing in her blood.

The Queen's favorite granddaughter, Dame Louise, is also very fond of equestrian, and she once drove a carriage left by Prince Philip to appear at the Windsor Horse Show.

In this way, 2-year-old Charlotte has a great passion for horseback riding, and it is reasonable.

In 2018, Kate dressed Charlotte beautifully and took her to equestrian training. The 3-year-old Princess Charlotte wore a dark blue sweater coat with a light purple lace-trimmed skirt, and put her blond hair into a beautiful bun. Dressed like this, she gave off a very beautiful and quiet little lady.

But when training, Charlotte was not vague at all. She sat on a white horse that was much taller than her and trained in a manner.

The white horse is very docile and is ridden by the little princess. This scene makes people feel so warm: in fairy tales, Prince Charming always appears, but in real life, even without Prince Charming, you can be "Princess Charming".

In 2018, William and Kate led Charlotte to an event. At that time, Charlotte was wearing a sky blue floral dress and small blue leather shoes, like a small blue rose that had just bloomed.

At the event, Charlotte struggled to recall the ballet moves. Although her mother Kate kept holding her hand and walked forward, she was clearly distracted.

At that moment, Charlotte was inspired, wrinkled her cheeks, smiled gently, held her mother's hand, and performed her favorite dance moves, so graceful.

Charlotte herself has not completely lost her baby fat, and her arms are chubby, but when she does these dance moves, she still has a special charm. The two arms look beautiful and beautiful, like water snakes, just like Princess Diana back then.

Charlotte started learning ballet as early as the age of 3, and like her grandmother Diana, she loves ballet very much.

In 2019, 4-year-old Charlotte entered Thomas Battersea School with her brother George.

The school's tuition fee is 166,000 yuan per year, and the school's canteen standards are based on the food standards of Michelin restaurants.

However, Charlotte and George did not enter this school to enjoy the good life. They also needed to spend a lot of time studying. They couldn't play mobile phones when they were in school, and the only entertainment was watching the news.

In addition to learning, Charlotte also has to learn a lot of royal etiquette to maintain elegance at all times.

In April 2021, following the death of Prince Philip, the royal family released some royal family photos over the years, including one showing Charlotte sitting in C position, wearing a beautiful sky blue dress and smiling softly at the camera.

The wave Charlotte did at that time was not the standard "Windsor wave". She separated her five fingers, and her arms were not completely straight, which was far from the standard royal etiquette.

With the gradual deepening of training, Charlotte's waving movements became more and more standard, and her demeanor became more and more dignified, more and more in line with the definition of royal waving.

In 2018, at Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding ceremony, Charlotte wore a wreath and a white dress, and naturally and generously made a Windsor-style wave in the sun, completely like a fairy came to life.

Charlotte knows etiquette herself, and she must always remind her family not to forget etiquette. In June 2022, when participating in the Buckingham Palace celebration, the little prince Louis played a little presumptuous. He made a lot of noise, attracting the attention of the upper-class British celebrities next to him, and Kate had to remind him.

In the face of his mother's discipline, not only did Louis not become obedient, but he stretched out a hand and gagged his mother's mouth. Fortunately, at this time, Charlotte came forward in time and gently patted her brother's shoulder, and the younger brother became obedient and docile in an instant.

Today, Charlotte's worth has risen to $5 billion, more than a billion dollars more than her brother Prince George's worth.

In the eyes of many people, Charlotte is a girl who is pampered to the age. She was born a princess, and her life was smooth sailing. Compared with Dame Louise, who did not have the title of princess, she was really lucky.

But after looking at Charlotte's life, everyone realized that it is not that simple to be an excellent princess. It still requires long-term efforts, just like the saying that if you want to be a dignitary, you have to suffer later.

Charlotte learned to ride horses and curtsey at the age of 2; ballet at the age of 3; school at the age of 4. Her excellence also has a lot to do with her efforts.