Diana's 28-year-old nephew is more handsome than the royal bald prince, 1.8m tall, inherits the family property and knighthood

In April 2011, Prince William and Kate held a grand wedding.

William was wearing a red military uniform that day, and his deep eyebrows were even more handsome against the military uniform and medals. He put a ring on Kate himself, and Kate laughed shyly. This scene should have been so warm and sweet.

But moving the lens up an inch is an unbearable picture.

It turned out that the head of Prince William, who was only 29 years old, was already sparse, like the top of a small hill without any grass. Prince William's bald head directly destroyed the sweet atmosphere of the wedding, and also caused William's handsomeness to become a lot dimmer.

Not only William, but his younger brother Prince Harry also did not escape the fate of the British royal prince going bald.

On July 1, 2021, William and Harry's long-lost "same frame" erected a sculpture for their mother Diana. William is more "bald" than when they got married 10 years ago; and Harry is also visible "bald".

The two brothers gathered together with bald heads, like a pair of brothers and sisters. In fact, Harry laughed at William as early as when he was bald. Harry never thought that he would become a bald prince like his brother William!

William and Harry, as Diana's sons, both inherited Diana's beauty, but also inherited the bald gene from Charles.

In contrast, Diana's eldest nephew, Louis Spencer, is even more outstanding. He has inherited the high-value gene from the Spencer family.

28 years have passed in a flash, and his appearance and hair have not weakened by the years, but he has become taller and more handsome.

Born in 1994, Louis is 1.8 meters tall, with thick hair and handsome appearance. He is a little more handsome than the two bald cousins of the British royal family, Prince William and Prince Harry. He can be called a golden bachelor. Let's take a look at the story of Diana's eldest nephew today!

In 1998, 4-year-old Louie sat on the head of his father Charles Spencer for the first anniversary of his aunt Diana.

And Diana seems to have a special fate with the name "Charles". Her dearest brother is called Charles, and her lover is also called Charles.

However, the former has a affection with her that blood is thicker than water, and has always been worried about her. For her, she did not hesitate to make a sharp speech at the funeral, so that the entire British royal family could not step down; the love the latter gave her was cowardly and did not take responsibility, resulting in Diana struggling in her 15-year marriage.

In 1969, Diana's father and mother divorced. Diana and her younger brother had a better relationship than before and were together every day. When Diana's younger brother heard the news that his sister had died in Paris, he was deeply saddened.

At this memorial day event, 34-year-old Charles Spencer looked dignified. He frowned slightly and stared at the portrait of Princess Diana. Everyone could see the grief in his heart.

The young Louis also seemed to be influenced by his father. He lowered his eyes, drooped a small face, and frowned. He was sullen because he remembered his deceased aunt. This scene was also recorded by the camera forever.

At the time of Diana's death, Louis was just a 3-year-old child. He and Diana did not have many common memories, but when father and son were of one mind and saw his father in such grief, he must have felt sorry for his own. The aunt who has not seen it several times also has a deep memory.

After attending this memorial service, Louie and his sister quietly "disappeared", and they were put on a plane to South Africa by their father.

Mainly because Diana's younger brother did not want his children to be disturbed, so they were sent to South Africa to "hide in the snow".

Since then, Louis has been growing up in South Africa. He studied in the private school with the highest tuition fees in Cape Town, South Africa, and once played football on the desolate savannah of South Africa.

When he came of age, he returned to his hometown and entered Edinburgh, the sixth oldest school in England, to continue his education.

Facts have proved that Charles' idea is wise. Louis, who grew up freely in South Africa, has successfully grown into a handsome man with physical and mental health. As soon as he appeared at Prince Harry's wedding, he successfully stole the limelight of the groom's cousin.

In 2018, Harry and Meghan held their wedding. Louie attended the wedding with his father, mother, stepmother and several older sisters. His 28-year-old eldest sister Katie wore a green dress, and her fairy spirit was fluttering, earning enough limelight.

His 26-year-old twin sisters, Emily and Eliza, also wore beautiful green outfits with happy smiles on their faces.

Louis is the only boy among the four siblings. He stands with his sisters, but stands out with his high appearance and does not completely become a foil.

Louis' hair is blond with a little red, which is also inherited from the Spencer family's ancient red hair gene. When Diana's son Harry was born, because his red hair was "suspected" and "disliked" by his father Charles, the British royal family also specially asked Diana to take little Harry for a personal identification.

It turns out that Harry is indeed Charles' own son. In fact, people have been talking about Harry's red hair for a long time.

In fact, Harry inherited the red hair gene of the Spencer family. As an adult, Prince Harry has red hair and a beard. He looks very similar to his cousin Louis, who is 10 years younger. The two look more like a pair of brothers.

On the wedding day, Louis walked in the crowd in a neat suit, smiling all over his face, facing the camera confidently and generously. His handsomeness is not a very standard handsomeness, his face is slightly rounded, and his facial features are only average among Westerners.

But I have to admit that his handsomeness is mixed with a kind of British gentleman temperament, coupled with his own aristocratic status, it is even more charming, and the elegant smile on his face adds a lot to him.

After Harry got married, Louis replaced Harry and became the "Golden Bachelor" in the eyes of the world. At present, his title is still Viscount Alsop. After his father dies, he will inherit the title and property of the tenth Earl of Spencer, and inherit the Alsop Manor of the Spencer family.

This manor is located in Northamptonshire, England, in a classic and elegant style. The manor has a 16th-century spire and tower design, and looks like a row of old castles from a distance.

In front of the manor, there is a large lawn for cattle and sheep to roost freely. Every summer, this lawn is open to the public. There are also gorgeous private collections displayed in the castle.

The Spencer family was extremely prominent in the 15th century and became the darling of the upper class. There is a saying that "a dead camel is bigger than a horse". Although the current Spencer family is no longer as glorious as it used to be, it is still very rich.

As the tenth Earl of the Spencer family, Louis is rich and handsome, no wonder he is admired by thousands of girls. Although he does not have the identity of a prince, he still successfully stood out from the aristocratic circle by virtue of his handsomeness. So who do you think is more handsome than Prince Harry and Prince William?