74-Year-old King Charles: Seeing his sister-in-law performing a face-to-face salute, seeing the Queen of Spain kissing her hands and kissing her face is really enthusiastic

On July 29, 1981, Charles and Diana entered the marriage hall. Diana wore a white bubble-sleeved retro wedding dress with a happy smile on her face.

Charles stared at his new wife's beautiful eyebrows, stretched out his hand, took his wife's hand in his own, and gave a kiss. I saw Charles sniffing the fragrance of his lover's hand with his nose, and he couldn't hide it at all.

In August 1981, when the two were on their honeymoon, Charles gave Diana a kiss in front of the camera again.

This is the happiest time for the young couple after their wedding. At such a time, no matter what they do, it is natural, and the kiss is also a manifestation of Charles' love for Diana.

The "kiss hand ceremony" is a famous etiquette of the British royal family. It is not only exclusive between lovers, but also a signature action for receiving foreign guests.

When the British royal family receives foreign guests, men and women have different movements. When women face elders and dignitaries, they will bow one leg, lean forward slightly, and make a curtsey.

Before the Queen ascended the throne, she also curtseyed to the kings of other countries, but after ascending the throne, she never bent her noble knees again and began to adapt to the change of identity.

First ladies and princesses from other countries often curtsey to her when they see her.

For example, in 2008, French President Sarkozy and his wife Bruni traveled thousands of miles to the UK to meet Queen Elizabeth II. Bruni was wearing a silver-gray woolen coat with a silver-gray hat, with long hair down to the shoulders, a smile on her face, and a respectful curtsey to the Queen.

Later, Bruni admitted that when he was doing this curtsey, he felt very nervous and practiced for a long time. Bruni was a supermodel before and only became the first lady of France not long ago, so she still felt very nervous when facing the old royal family.

Charles became king at the age of 74, so before that, when he met the first ladies, he often saluted first, and the kiss hand salute was a etiquette commonly used by Charles.

Also in 2008, when Sarkozy and Bruni visited the British royal family, Charles, who was still the crown prince at the time, and his wife Camilla also received Bruni and Sarkozy.

First of all, Bruni cordially gave Camilla a face-to-face salute, and Camilla showed a very bright smile in front of the warm and generous Bruni.

Sarkozy only gently shook Camilla's hand, but did not kiss it. Charles, on the other hand, seemed very invisible and gave Bruni a kiss warmly.

Don't look at Charles kissing Bruni's slender jade hand directly in front of Sarkozy, but he is not rude. Because when noble men face women, they often use the two methods of kissing hands and sticking to their faces, both to greet and to show respect.

When practicing the hand-kissing ceremony, the man will hold the woman's slender jade hand and kiss the back of the other person's hand gently.

The face-to-face gift is more intimate, and it also shows the bold scale of Westerners, which is often done between more intimate people.

In 2013, when Prince Harry met his grandmother, the Queen, he was so interested that he lowered his head, touched his head to the Queen, and put his face to his face with the Queen to make an intimate gesture.

In 2022, Charles took Camilla to the Commonwealth Games to meet his younger brother-in-law, Princess Sophie.

Relatives are always very enthusiastic when they meet. I saw Charles enthusiastically put his cheeks up, and put his face to face with Princess Sophie. His eyes were closed, and he gave a very warm face-to-face gift.

Sophie was wearing a dark green satin dress with brilliant blond hair, and a white pearl necklace on her hand. She put her hand on Charles' shoulder, and the two moved very intimately.

Sophie's husband, Prince Edward, was standing by the side. He didn't mind his wife and brother's warm face-to-face salute in public. He was calm and looked in the other direction, not caring about their face-to-face salute.

However, compared to Edward's calm, Charles' wife Camilla was not so calm.

Camilla looked at the scene sullenly and indignantly behind Charles, as if she was a little dissatisfied with her husband's intimacy.

Afterwards, Camilla and Sophie also carried out a face-to-face ceremony, but the face-to-face ceremony of the two of them was filled with a kind of perfunctory perfunctory.

Sophie was the Queen's favorite daughter-in-law during her lifetime, and she was also the most famous princess in the British royal family. She has been able to stand in the royal family for many years, in addition to her good relationship with Edward, there is another important factor. She is a social expert with high emotional intelligence.

She was always dignified and generous, with other people, and always made others feel like a spring breeze. No wonder Charles was also very warm to her and greeted her in public.

In addition to meeting his younger brother-in-law, Charles was very enthusiastic, and he kissed his hands and cheeks very enthusiastically in the face of the Queen of Spain.

In April 2022, Charles, then crown prince, and Spain's Queen Letizia met at Auckland Castle.

On that day, Letizia wore a dark black coat and stepped on a pair of burgundy stilettos. Her hair had been carefully managed, and every strand of hair exuded the charm of a mature woman.

When Charles saw her, he was very excited and happy, strode forward and gave her a face-to-face gift. Both of them closed their eyes, their eyes full of enjoyment.

Just doing a face-to-face gift is not enough, Charles also took her hand and made a kiss. In the face of this noble and elegant queen, he carried out all royal etiquette to the extreme.

Not only that, but Letizia and Charles then began to talk enthusiastically. Charles held Letizia's hand with his own and sniffed it lightly, full of sincerity.

Charles has dealt with Letizia many times before, each with sincerity. In 2021, at the opening ceremony of the London gallery, Charles, 73, met Letizia, 49.

On that day, she was wearing a dark blue umbrella skirt like an oil painting, which was so beautiful that she could hardly see the traces of the passage of time on her face.

Charles stepped forward, went up to her face with great enthusiasm, and kissed the back of her hand.

Letizia was defenseless for a while, and her smile became stiff, but she quickly adjusted her state of mind, and also made an expression of enjoyment, giving Charles an intimate face-to-face salute.

When Charles saw Letizia twice, he both kissed his hands and saluted his face, which was really enthusiastic.

However, Charles is not so enthusiastic in the face of everyone. When dealing with other first ladies, his expression is calmer and calmer than anyone else.

For example, when he met Queen Pema of Bhutan, he bowed his waist and shook hands with Pema. This etiquette was relatively light and not so grand.

However, in the subsequent exchange between the two, the two sides still talked happily, and their faces were full of joy.

The British royal family has always attached great importance to etiquette. Many ancient royal etiquette have not been lost and are still carried forward, but etiquette is not static, and most etiquette is also flexible, and some emotions may be injected into it. Perhaps it is because of this that Charles will not stick to etiquette rigidly when doing these etiquette!

Now, the 74-year-old Charles has succeeded to the throne as king, and I believe more and more people will salute him in the future! However, when he is so enthusiastic in the face of the first ladies, it is estimated that he will still take the initiative to salute and kiss hands!