Grandparents love: 11-year-old Harry holds an umbrella for his grandmother the Queen in 1995, 25 years later he holds an umbrella for Meghan

In March 1995, Prince Harry accompanied the Queen to an event. That day, it was raining in the sky, and the rain was falling, and their grandparents and grandchildren walked slowly in the rain.

At this time, Harry was just an 11-year-old boy with red hair on his head. Harry's gender and red hair when he was born once made Charles dissatisfied. Charles thought that Diana could give him a well-behaved daughter.

However, the Queen never thought there was anything wrong with Harry's red hair and gender. In the Queen's heart, Harry, like William, is his good grandson.

At Prince Harry's christening ceremony, the Queen was very happy that she had another precious grandson. It is said that the next generation is close, which is vividly reflected in the Queen and her two grandchildren.

We went on to talk about Harry holding an umbrella for the Queen, and we saw Harry wearing a black trench coat with one hand in his pocket, like a cute "little adult". The other hand raised the umbrella with all his strength.

However, Harry didn't hold the umbrella for himself. He leaned his arm forward slightly, and the umbrella hit his grandmother, the Queen, on the head. Little Harry is really sensible, and he knows how to hold an umbrella for his grandmother at such a young age. It seems that Diana has educated Harry well.

At this time, the Queen of England was 69 years old. Although she was slightly hunched over her back, her demeanor was still dignified and generous. Harry looked at his grandmother, his face full of sensible people.

Harry's great-grandmother, Queen Mother Elizabeth, walked in front of them, and Harry, who was young, couldn't hold the umbrella in front of his great-grandmother due to his limited height, but he still worked hard to lift the umbrella up. Inside the small body, there is a lot of power.
In childhood, Harry and the Queen had a very close relationship with each other. When Harry was young, he was a naughty little boy. When he saw something fun in the distance and wanted his grandmother to see it, he pointed happily into the distance. The well-behaved William made a gesture of covering his eyes, while the grandmother turned her head and followed Harry's gaze.

Usually, the Queen often holds Harry's hand and attends various events, giving the grandson a lot of preference. As they get older, the love between the two has not disappeared.

In 2003, Harry won a polo match. Like his father Charles, he has always loved all kinds of sports and is willing to regard polo as his lifelong hobby.

In this game, he was wearing a rugged jersey, just like his father when he was young. He won, everyone around him cheered happily, and the Queen was also excited when she saw his victory.

The Queen, who was his grandmother, personally handed him a blue square box wrapped around white ribbons, and inside the box was a reward.

Compared to winning the game, being encouraged by his favorite grandmother, the Queen, was obviously more exciting. So Harry took the box from the Queen's hand and stared at his grandmother happily, his face flushed. At that moment, they are the best grandparents in the world.

In front of his grandmother, Harry was always gentle and kind, and the Queen's grandmother smiled brightly at him and chatted with him. Seeing the Queen's kind smile, Harry pursed his mouth, laughed softly, and grimaced at the Queen.

In public, Harry never shies away from his feelings with his grandmother, the Queen. He will pay a face-to-face salute to the Queen. In the face of his grandmother, Harry has always been a good grandson.

Of course, the Queen is not partial to her two grandchildren, she likes Harry, but also likes the excellent royal heir, eldest grandson William.

At the wedding ceremony of the Queen's second son, Prince Andrew, the 4-year-old Prince William wore a lovely white sailor suit. He was obviously not the protagonist of the wedding, but he still became the core of everyone's eyes.

The queen held little William by the hand and did not leave William's surroundings, for fear that if she was not careful, she would lose sight of her precious grandson. When Prince Andrew and Sarah's wedding car started, William couldn't help but rejoice and ran towards the wedding car.

Seeing this scene happen, the queen ran after William regardless of her identity. After learning this lesson, the queen took good care of William and put her hand on William's head so that William would not run around, and William also stood beside the queen and bowed her head to admit her mistake to her grandmother.

Years later, Harry and William faced very different life paths. William and Kate got married and still fulfilled their duties as heirs to the royal family; Harry and Meghan got married, and the two became a couple and lived a good life. The responsibilities in his life were gradually replaced by love.

In 2018, Harry and Meghan traveled to New Zealand together. During this trip, Meghan wore black jeans, black leather boots, and a neat ponytail. The overall look was very temperamental. Harry, on the other hand, wore a brown-green coat.

When Meghan stared at Harry, Harry smiled and looked at Meghan, and in his eyes, there was a beauty of love.

Harry and Meghan's shoes are both couples shoes, priced at £120, and they just walk in the rain without hiding their love at all.

In 2020, Harry and Meghan once again appeared in the same frame at an awards ceremony. It rained heavily that day, and the whole world seemed to be filled with heavy rain. The car lights flickered and flickered.

Harry was holding an umbrella, Meghan was holding Harry's hand, and the two walked in the rain, despite the splashes on their heads, they were still a sweet couple.

I don't know if Harry will remember at this time that 25 years ago, at the age of 11, he tried to hold an umbrella for his grandmother, the Queen.

In 2020, Harry also followed Meghan to break away from the British royal family. At this time, is he still the good grandson who is willing to open an umbrella for the Queen and give the Queen a face-to-face salute?

In April 2022, Harry and Meghan returned to the United States to celebrate the Queen's birthday. The Queen also took this opportunity to open her arms for her grandson and granddaughter-in-law, and took them to Frog Moore Cottage.

But in the following Platinum Jubilee celebration, they did not receive such a grand treatment. Neither he nor Meghan stood on the balcony, but could only stand in the window of the palace and look out. It can be said that the distance between Harry, Meghan and the royal family is getting farther and farther.

Now that the 96-year-old Queen has passed away, grandson Harry didn't have time to see his favorite grandmother for the last time. This must be his lifelong regret! I don't know if Harry will regret following Meghan to leave the royal family and run to the United States at this time, instead of spending more time with his grandmother, the Queen?