In 2005, Charles and Camilla got married. William dared not look up, and Harry threw fireworks on his father's head

On July 29, 1981, Diana and Charles got married. At the wedding scene, Diana dragged a wedding dress with a length of 7.26 meters, like a delicate princess.

Diana's wedding dress is also inlaid with 10,000 pearls. This wedding dress was customized by the British royal family at a cost of 3 million yuan, just to make Diana the most beautiful bride.

Of course, Diana's wedding shoes are also unique, with 132 pearls and 542 sequins on them. Diana, who is 1.78 meters tall, specially chose a pair of flat wedding shoes to accommodate Charles.

Moreover, according to Diana's request, there are also two letters engraved under the wedding shoes, namely "D" and "C", which are the abbreviations of Diana and Charles' names. It can be seen that the 20-year-old Diana loves Charles very much, and she is also very longing for life after marriage.

It's a pity that no matter how beautiful Diana is, it can't be exchanged for Charles' love. Charles gave all his love to another woman, Camilla, 11 years ago, in 1970.

Charles is very relaxed only in front of Camilla. Charles has a different identity in front of others. In front of the Queen Mother and the British royal family, he is the Crown Prince; in front of the British people, he is the Prince of Wales; in front of Diana, he is her Prince Charming.

Charles can only be himself in front of Camilla. In 1970, Charles and Diana met for the first time, and he was deeply fascinated by this big sister who was 1 year older than him. Camilla is Charles, a sister, a lover, or a "mother". Charles, who lacked love since childhood, experienced the warmth of his mother from Camilla, which was also the warmth that the Queen had never given him.

Unfortunately, neither the Queen nor the British royal family would allow Camilla to marry into the royal family, and the smart Camilla knew that she had no hope of marrying into the royal family. In 1973, she turned her head and married Andrew, the "spare child" who had pursued her for many years.

However, even if Camilla got married, she was still the white moonlight in Charles' mind. Charles never forgot Camilla for a moment. Even, the night before marrying Diana, Charles called Camilla crying and said that he would love her forever.

And the night before her wedding, Diana happily said to everyone around her: "Tomorrow I'm going to marry the Prince of Wales". So on the wedding day, it can be seen that Diana was very excited, and Charles was like a marionette, unable to lift his spirits at all.

In fact, Charles had been looking for Camilla at the wedding, because Camilla had promised him that he would definitely attend his wedding. Charles held Diana in one hand; he had been looking for Camilla's figure among the guests under the stage. When Charles found Camilla's figure, he looked at Camilla affectionately like no one else, without any scruples about Diana beside him.

As the groom, Charles' mind was not on Diana at all. All he thought about was Camilla. In fact, before their marriage, Diana and Camilla had watched Charles' equestrian competition together. As a woman's intuition, Diana felt that Charles and Camilla had an unusual relationship.

Camilla had a cheerful personality, and Diana always lowered her head in front of her, as if she was angry.

If Diana had thought more about Charles' relationship with Camilla before marriage, perhaps she would not have entered the marriage hall with Charles so quickly, and perhaps the tragedy would not have happened again.

Diana and Charles married in 1981 and divorced in 1996. The two had a tragic marriage that lasted for 15 years. During this marriage, Charles was obsessed with Camilla alone; Diana found seven lovers in the marriage. Diana was the loveless child from beginning to end until August 31, 1997, when Diana and her last lover, Dodi, died in a car accident, and her triangular relationship with Charles and Camilla ended completely.

In April 2005, eight years after Diana's death, Charles and Camilla finally entered the hall of marriage. This wedding is far less grand than the wedding of the century in 1981, but it can be seen that the 57-year-old Charles is happy from the bottom of his heart. At the wedding in 1981, Charles was like a marionette, and at the wedding to Camilla 24 years later, Charles smiled like a child.

Charles also carefully customized a cake for Camilla. On it, Charles in a suit and Camilla in a red dress were painted. In Charles' heart, Camilla was as beautiful as this little doll in a red dress.

However, the most intriguing thing about this wedding was Charles' two eldest sons. Faced with their father's second wedding, what did 23-year-old William and Harry do? Let's take a look.

Throughout the wedding, William and Harry did not smile, or it was a little difficult for the brothers to smile and bless their father and the "third party" who had destroyed their family in the past!

William had been afraid to look up at his father's happy moment while Charles and Camilla took the oath in the auditorium; and Harry? He looked at Charles and Camilla with hatred.

When he came out of the auditorium, Harry couldn't take it any longer and slammed the fireworks in his hand on his father Charles' head viciously.

Harry, who was only 21 years old at this time, could only use this "prank" method to vent his dissatisfaction. For a long time, Harry was not as mature as William. When William saw his younger brother throwing fireworks at his father, he could only remain silent. William always knew the hatred in Harry's heart, but why didn't William hate it? But as the eldest son and grandson of the British royal family, William has always kept calm.

Perhaps, Camilla is really Charles' true love! The two met, met, and fell in love from 1970. By getting married in 2005, and now it's 2022, the two have been tied together for 52 years. Seeing the two of them laughing together is really not worth it for Diana. Now, Camilla has become the Queen of England, and it is the winner in life who lives.