Avoid the cold and don't go to Sanya anymore. These 5 places have beautiful scenery and low prices. They are a resort for winter care

Hainan don't just know to go to Sanya to escape the cold. These 5 small towns have beautiful scenery and low prices. They are a good place for winter care;

The first, Wenchang; Wenchang is a county-level city in Hainan Province. It is located in the northeast of Hainan Province and faces the sea on the east, south and north sides. It is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2,100 years. It is one of the three major historical ancient cities in Hainan., the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in my country, the birthplace of Minnan culture in Hainan, and the location of China's Wenchang Space Launch Site. It is the fourth aerospace city in China; previously, there is a city in Wenchang surrounded by the sea on three sides. Its coastline is 278.5 kilometers. It is the city with the longest coastline in Hainan; Wenchang has a superior geographical location and a very good natural environment. The climate here is suitable, and the winter is as warm as spring. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly friends Comfortable temperature, and the price and consumption here are much lower than those in popular cities such as Sanya, which is very suitable for winter to escape the cold and spend the winter here;

The second is the east; it is estimated that many friends have not heard of this small town in the east. It is a county-level city under Hainan and an important node city in the Beibu Gulf urban agglomeration. It is located in the southwest of Hainan and on the east coast of the Beibu Gulf. Across the sea from Vietnam; the climatic conditions in the east are very suitable for avoiding the cold in winter; the east, which has a tropical monsoon climate, generally has a temperature of more than 20 degrees in winter, which is very comfortable and pleasant. The east is the economic center in the southwest of Hainan. The Hainan Island Ring Railway and the Guangdong-Hainan Railway Hainan West Ring Line pass through the territory. The transportation is very convenient. It only takes more than an hour to take the high-speed rail to Haikou and Sanya, which is very convenient. The supporting facilities are also relatively complete, and there is absolutely no problem in dealing with the needs of daily life;

The third, Ledong; Ledong is an autonomous county directly under Hainan Province. It is located in the southwest of Hainan Island and borders Sanya, Dongfang and other places. It is a small city very suitable for overwintering and elderly care; the climatic conditions of Ledong are similar to Sanya. After all, the two places are next to each other, but the housing prices and prices here are much lower than those in Sanya; Ledong has an 84.3-kilometer coastline, and there are mountains and rivers in the territory. It is a small city where mountains, seas and rivers gather. Its natural scenery is beautiful and the air is fresh; Ledong has convenient transportation. It is about 70 kilometers away from Haikou. There are railways and highways passing through the territory, and here It is close to Sanya Port and only 30 minutes' drive to Phoenix Airport, so living in Ledong can enjoy many of Sanya's advantageous resources, which is a good choice for friends who come here to escape the cold;

The fourth, Qionghai; Qionghai is also a county-level city in Hainan, located in the east of Hainan, in the middle and lower reaches of the Wanquan River, only 78 kilometers away from Haikou. It is a very ideal cold shelter; Qionghai belongs to the northern edge of the tropical monsoon climate zone, so The overall climate here is also cooler than that of Sanya. The temperature in winter is not as high as that of Sanya. The average temperature in winter is also above 18 degrees. Generally speaking, the climate here is still very comfortable in winter. The first feeling of Qionghai is that it is clean and tidy, and the urban planning is also good. It is a city that makes people want to stay. Coupled with convenient transportation conditions and low prices, Qionghai is definitely an ideal refuge from the cold. A place for old-age care;

The fifth, Wanning; Wanning is located in the southeast of Hainan Province. It is a county-level city in Hainan Province and is a very comfortable small town; Wanning has a tropical marine monsoon climate. It is sunny and warm in winter. It is a very suitable A comfortable city for winter refuge from the cold; Wanning is the famous hometown of longevity in Hainan. The natural environment here is good, and its forest coverage rate is as high as 66%. It is the largest low-altitude kelp rainforest in the country. The air quality is superior, and the negative oxygen ion content is high. Living here will make you feel very comfortable;