Itaewon: Halloween Holy Land, Hell in the East, Death Trailer Come True, Unfortunately No One Believes

18 hours ago, not many ordinary people in the world knew about the existence of this small place in Itaewon. After 18 hours, this street with an area of only 1.37 square kilometers and a length of only 1.4 kilometers has become the focus of the world..


Itaewon is a small place located in Seoul, South Korea. Strictly speaking, it is a street that is still somewhat famous in Korea, similar to the pedestrian streets of major cities in China.

This place is close to the Yongsan base of the US military stationed in South Korea, so many Americans have gathered in the last century. It is home to 20,000 foreigners and is the first designated tourist zone in Seoul.

In the past 30 years, with many international events held in Seoul, Itaewon has become famous and a famous tourist attraction in Seoul. It is a must for foreigners to go sightseeing and shopping in Seoul.

It is precisely because of the complex composition of people here that some festivals and celebrations of Westerners have taken root, and they have also influenced the thinking and behavior of the younger generation in Korea.

As a Western festival, Halloween is especially sought after by young Koreans. Every year on Halloween, a large number of young people gather to celebrate the festival.

As the most famous tourist attraction for foreigners in Seoul, Itaewon is naturally the best place to celebrate.

Tourist attractions, many foreigners, cultural invasion, and young people's pursuit are the main factors behind the accident in Itaewon.

The Birth of Tragedy

The stampede in Itaewon resulted in 151 deaths, more than 100 injuries, and more than 2,642 missing. Among them, 4 Chinese citizens were killed and 2 Chinese citizens were injured.

This is definitely news we don't want to hear, but at this point, we can only express our condolences and hope for a speedy recovery for the injured.

The situation at the time of the accident is definitely not what we feel when we watch the news.

The total area of Itaewon is only 1.37 square kilometers, and most of the area is still occupied by buildings, leaving limited space for passersby to move around. On this narrow and blocked road, more than 100,000 people gathered, and you can imagine how crowded the scene was.

According to the compatriots who witnessed the accident, the people at the scene were crowded, and the people at the back had been pushing the people in front. At first, they could walk slowly in the crowd, but after being blocked, they were squeezed so hard that they could not move at all. Move, not only breathing difficulties, but even the heart can't stand being squeezed for a short time.

Someone fell in front, and there was no room to get up at all. A large number of people were pushing behind, until batches of people squeezed the fallen person.

Even until someone was trampled to death, the Korean police and fire department received a rescue alarm and arrived at the scene, the siren on the road side kept ringing, and there were still a large number of people on the other side of the road dancing under the music backing track of the event site. Many people are experiencing hellish devastation.

Heaven on one side and hell on the other.

The side of the road was still immersed in the excitement of music and dancing, but the other side of the road was the screams and desperate struggles all over the street, which showed how chaotic the scene was.

Despicable humanity

Various news came from the accident scene one after another, and the despicability of human nature was vividly reflected in this accident, which made people chilling.

This is the process described by a compatriot himself. He survived because he was tall, but he saw with his own eyes that the two short girls beside him were squeezed alive and suffocated, and died beside him.

This is the result of the despicability of some people's human nature. Another compatriot who came to the scene got out of the crowd smoothly before the accident, but he heard with his own ears in the crowd that a group of young people in the back were complaining that the people in front were moving too slowly. Agree to push people forward from behind.

The main cause of this accident may not be this group of people, but the shoving of a small group of people will definitely cause a chain reaction, driving a large group of people to push forward instinctively, which will cause the body of the person in front to be out of control.

If everyone had followed the order, not been impatient, not pushed, maybe the accident would not have happened, and such a serious accident would not have happened.

When the stampede happened, most of the merchants on the side of the road chose to open their stores and pull some squeezed people into the store. There are also some merchants who looked at the crowds piled up at the door and let them cry and cry, but chose to close the store door tightly, watching them suffocate one by one.

These things, these behaviors, show the despicable and indifferent side of human nature vividly. In the choice of life and death, domestic and foreign countries are really two worlds.

Accident forecast comes true

Some people are born with a sense of urgency, while some people don't care about the advice of others, so different people choose different results.

Five hours before the accident, a South Korean Internet user posted a message on the social network advising others: It's dangerous here, it's full of people, you can't move, it's very dangerous, so when you come to Itaewon for Halloween please be careful, if you have children, never let them go!

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to the advice of this netizen, and the prediction came true, and an accident really happened.

If someone sees his news and listens to his advice, if many people have his sense of urgency and safety, will many people survive?

Of course, this "if" has no meaning, because the accident has already happened.

Advice and reminder

The Itaewon accident has become a major accident in the stampede, killing 151 people, injuring more than 100 people, and missing more than 2,642 people. The data are the most of such incidents in South Korea.

Regrettably, 4 Chinese citizens were killed and 2 Chinese citizens were injured.

Relevant departments are also dealing with it urgently and issued a notice to remind compatriots living in South Korea.

Pay attention to personal safety, do a good job in epidemic protection, and report personal information.

In particular, be wary of unfamiliar "candy" and "drinks", and don't blindly follow suit to participate in large-scale events.

Whether you are a compatriot in South Korea or a compatriot living in any country, you must remember the advice from the motherland and the wishes of the people of the motherland.

Protect yourself and come back safely!