Walk into "the first village of Tujia in China", where the gods live

I had heard that Yunshe Scenic Spot was picturesque.

On weekends, we took a walk-away trip and drove to Yunshe Village, Jiangkou, Tongren City, Guizhou. When the car drove to the territory of Guizhou, it suddenly rained heavily, and the vehicles on the expressway turned on a double flash. I silently prayed in my heart: Don't rain when we go to the scenic spot. When our car arrived at the scenic spot of Yunshe Village, the rain stopped and the sky was fine, lucky!

Yunshe is located at the foot of the mysterious Fanjing Mountain, on the bank of the picturesque Taiping River, 10 kilometers away from the south gate of Fanjing Mountain.

The scenic spot is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the beautiful scenery is picturesque: "The village is as big as heaven, and the surroundings are like a labyrinth". Yunshe means "the house in the clouds, the place where the immortals live". The ancient Yunshe has Shenlongtan, Xianren Cave, Tujia Papermaking, Tujia Tuzi House, and the shortest river in the world - Longtan River has a total length of 0.8 kilometers. It can be called the shortest river in the world and other distinctive natural landscapes and folk customs such as marriage songs, blocking wine, sitting on flower sedan chairs, and persuading wine songs. It is hailed by Chinese and foreign tourists as "the first village of Tujia in China".

There is a Shenlong Pond in the east of Yunshe Village. The water temperature is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the water surface is creamy green. I don't know how deep the water is. There is a spring in the pool, which is said to have a strange function, which can serve as a "weather forecast station" and a "drought and flood coordination station".

The weather is fine for a long time, and the water of the Shenlong Spring begins to rise, and it will rain in a few days; if it rains for a long time, the spring water will pour back into the Shenlong Pond, and the river will even stop flowing, and the sky will turn fine in a few days. With Shenlong Spring's natural adjustment for drought and flood, Yunshe Village can be said to be worry-free from drought and flood, no wonder it is called "the place where the gods live".

Yunshe Village, a natural village like heaven, is on this scenic line. "Yunshe" is a poetic and romantic name. Hearing this name, I can't help but imagine that there must be dreamy scenery and beautiful legends here. The people who live here must be immortal and immortal.

As a famous historical and cultural village in China and an AAAA-level scenic spot, Yunshe Scenic Area does not sell tickets, and the staff only look at the health code and itinerary code of tourists.

It is said that the most beautiful scenery comes from the absence of any artificial carving. The picturesque scenery of Yunshe Village is natural. It is really interesting to come here. For this poetic name, I want to stay here...