45 photos showing people's quirky lifestyles in the past

Retro items have magical charm, and the lives of their predecessors are beyond our imagination. The following photos of the lifestyle of their predecessors may surprise us, time flies and the world has changed a lot.

In 1916, sisters Adeline and Augusta Van Buren became the first women to ride a motorcycle across the United States.

Schlowagen's original ultra-low drag MPV, which was an experimental car designed by Germany in 1939, has an excellent drag coefficient of 0.15, which is better than most modern cars

17-Year-old Bianca Passage from Hamburg, dancing on a wine bottle in a cat pack, 1958

Air-conditioned luxury lawn mower from the 1950s

Late Victorian climbers, including a woman in a corset, traverse a fissure in the Alps (1900)

In 1948, Seven-Up added lithium to their soda. For those who don't know, it's a mood stabilizer that's still in use today

A disguised secret witness testifies in court about a drug case. Washington, April 30, 1952

Ford tried unsuccessfully to redefine the steering wheel

1920S ladies vanity case

In 1948, Los Angeles fast food restaurants let food trays be delivered to parking lots on rails

In 1950, a couple entered their BMW Isetta through the front door

Luna Park, Melbourne.

1969 mechanical car

Giant Steebeck. Largest vehicle under construction in the world. Chicago 1934

These weird pants are a fashion item from the 1920s

In 1956, magician Robert Harbin showed one of his floating tricks to several beachgoers.

Pablo Picasso cosplay Popeye.

Philippe Halsman, The Versatile Jean Cocteau, 1949

Young woman surfing near the ocean in Oregon

Stunning enough to walk on stilts, this man takes it a step further and skates on stilts! Fritz Dieter was photographed practicing skating skills with four-year-old Pat Kemp at Wembley's Empire Pool in 1937.

Moretta masks encouraged Renaissance female beauty by emphasizing the delicate curves of the face

Philips TV Commercial (Netherlands, 1951)

New York Pizza Burger (1980s)

"The Toe Doctor - Wash Girls' Feet, Treat Their Toes Gently, Keep Them Beautiful and Pink", August 16, 1922

Women in swimsuits tee off a piece of ice on a golf course; July 9, 1926,

Best Legs Competition in Cliftonville, England, 1936.

Spectators watch the vault in Pueblo, Colorado, on July 4, 1905

Women bathe ducklings on the streets of Washington in 1927.

The beach in Sopot, Poland, 1981.

Children driving toy cars in Moscow in 1929

The first flight of a flying car in November 1947, California.

Giant turkeys float on Broadway near 37th Street in New York during the 31st annual Macy's general merchandise Thanksgiving Day parade on November 28, 1957

Helena Rubinstein Salon Beauty Class, New York, 1958

1921 Cadillac 4S shop

Zulu playing billiards, 1903

A traffic policeman fines a woman in a bikini. Rimini, Italy, 1957

Three Boy Scout girls collect peach pits that were later processed into gas mask filters during World War I. Washington, 1917-1918

Man charges electric car at roadside charging station, Seattle 1973

Rare color photograph of two Parisian women in 1930

Photo of a traffic accident in the Netherlands in 1914.

A bloodletting treatment. Munskog, Sweden, 1922

Sometime between 1940 and 1944, Jewish forced laborers in the Lodz ghetto made straw sandals for the Wehrmacht

Ship crew conducting fire drill (1906)

Woman playing piano in underwear. Holland, 1930

Four young women play volleyball on stilts in Venice Beach, California, in 1934.

A little girl visits a California alligator farm. Los Angeles 1920s