A "pure female" tribe in the world, without a single male, what is their reproduction method?

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The world is full of wonders, and in the vast world, there are always many unexpected things.

For example, on the distant African continent, there are still some isolated tribes. They still maintain the state of ancient society to this day, relying on hunting and gathering for a living, without any modern items, and one tribe even maintains the most Ancient matriarchal society.

Matriarchal society

Under normal circumstances, a country has gradually developed from a tribal period (except for immigrant countries such as the United States), and every tribe must also undergo a transition from a matriarchal clan to a patrilineal clan, because in the early days of the tribe, the main job of the men was to go out and hunt, while the main job of the women was to gather. With backward weapons, hunting was a very dangerous and precarious job, so the women responsible for gathering were the most stable food output in the tribe.

In addition, women were responsible for the reproduction of tribes, so in the early tribal era, women occupied the absolute leadership of the tribe. But as the tribe developed, hunting became easier, and the fighting between tribes was also dominated by men, so men began to dominate.

From the tribal period to the feudal period, because men dominated for a long time and were responsible for the main work of the country, men were basically superior to women in various countries. Until entering modern society, human work began to be gradually replaced by machines. The ability of the brain determines everything, and the social status of women and men tends to be equal.

So are there still female-dominated countries? At the national level, this phenomenon is difficult to see, and there are very few countries that can truly achieve equality between men and women, but in remote Latin America, it has left a matriarchal social tribe, and it is an "all-female tribe".

Treasure of the times

Far away in Latin America, there is a group of Amazonian tribes. This is the only known purely female tribe in the world. In this tribe, from the newborn baby to the dying old man, all are women. It is conceivable that this tribe is naturally also a matriarchal society tribe.

This tribe still retains the standard appearance of primitive society: it uses wood, stone and other items to make weapons, eats "pure natural" food, and even the house is a pure wooden house structure, without any shadow of modern society, and this tribe also maintains the life of primitive society.

Here, everyone has a responsible job, some people are responsible for hunting, some are responsible for gathering, some are responsible for building houses, etc., and the clothes they wear are completely made of animal skins and leaves. It can be said that this tribe is like a forgotten corner of the world.

In fact, the tribe had been discovered by the outside world a long time ago, and many people wanted to enter the tribe to investigate, but they were discovered and attacked by them. In the tribal era, anyone who was not in the tribe could not appear around the tribe at will, not to mention trying to enter the tribe. Due to the language barrier, there is still very little information about the tribe so far.

But the most curious thing is the composition of the tribe. A tribe composed of a single gender cannot reproduce, which is the requirement of the human body structure.

Moreover, women's bodies were inherently not as strong as men's. How did these women ensure their survival in a tribe that fought very hard?

The Mystery of Reproduction

In order to find out the truth, a large number of experts spent a lot of time, and finally found the secret of the female tribe's reproduction. It turned out that the living position of this female tribe was very safe. There were a large number of animals and plants exclusive to the rainforest area around the tribe. These animals and plants are not only poisonous, but also have many organs for tribal placement. It is very difficult to enter the tribe safely.

Secondly, because only women have existed for many years, the women of this tribe have long had the physical strength that cannot be lost to the men, so they can survive in the eyes of other tribes. As a purely female tribe, there are many tribes that want to conquer them, but it ended in failure.

So how did this tribe reproduce? Is there any special medicine or food? In fact, this tribe can reproduce, or conform to the human body structure.

Whenever a fertile female grows up, they go out to find men from other tribes, find them, bring them back to the tribe, and force them to marry the women in the tribe.

After the pregnancy is confirmed, the men of other tribes will be released, so that since the offspring can be reproduced, it can also ensure that only women exist in the tribe.

So the question is, what if a boy is born after pregnancy?

Based on the fact that there are only women in the tribe, if you give birth to a boy, there are probably three ways to deal with it.

First, throwing boys directly into the wild and letting them fend for themselves. Maybe this seems unacceptable now, but it was a very normal thing in the tribal era, just like Sparta in the feudal era, children born with fragile and disabled bodies will be directly executed.

Second, after raising the boys and exchanging them with other tribes, it may also be exchanged for women from other tribes, and it may also be exchanged for food, animal skins, etc. After all, living power is the most valuable thing in the tribal period. A healthy male child can be exchanged for enough food for a tribe to eat for a week or so.

Third, the use of male babies as food, in many African tribes, still maintains the habit of eating people.

In their eyes, humans are also a source of food, so after confirming that the baby is a male, this may also happen, but so far, no traces of corpses have been found around the tribe, but they do not rule out being carried away by beasts possibility.

At present, many ancient tribes have been found all over the world. Some of them have begun to contact modern people, and some still refuse to contact modern people, but various countries basically do not participate too much in the development of these tribes. In addition, the number of large carnivores in modern society has declined sharply, and these tribes can still survive without natural disasters.

However, considering the existence of some germs in modern society, direct contact with people in the tribe has basically been prohibited, because any modern virus may lead to the collective death of the entire tribe.

They do not have any antibodies on their bodies, which is the only place where modern humans can help them. Maybe after many years, these tribes will gradually disappear, and they will not even be able to leave traces of their existence here.