Why don't you recommend raising "Caslo", because you are full of shortcomings and dare not raise it?

Castro is a foreign fierce dog with strong attack power and fierce appearance. As long as you see its appearance, you can be deterred by it.

If you want to raise a dog, it is not recommended that you raise Castro, because you are full of shortcomings, and you dare not raise it if you want to!

Castro has a strong bite

When it comes to dogs that fight hard and have a strong bite, the Castello must be on the list. If someone or other dogs provoke it, it will never be soft-hearted, and it will not let you go once it bites you.

It is not recommended to keep such a dangerous dog at home, otherwise it will be dangerous.

Castro has a lot of drool

Castro is a very drooling dog. The drool does not leave its hair, and it is easy to smell bad. Maybe its drool is everywhere in the house, sticky.

If you are a clean person, it is not recommended that you keep Castro.

Castello is a lot of exercise

As a large dog and a fierce dog, Castro must have a lot of exercise. He needs to exercise every day, and the time for one exercise should be more than 2 hours, once in the morning and once in the evening.

If you are an office worker and don't have time to walk it at all, if you want to raise a dog, it is best to raise some dogs with a small amount of exercise.

Kaslo has a strong ability to protect the master, and it is easy to hurt people

If Kaslo was trained well, he would be an excellent guard dog with high loyalty. If he saw someone provoking his master or hurting his master, he would rush up immediately, and it would be easy to be accidentally injured.

Castro is not good at training

After all, Kaslo is a bulldog, and he still has a certain wildness. If he is not trained well, it is easy to accidentally injure people. If he is professionally trained and uses the right techniques and methods, he will be an excellent guard dog.

When training, you can take some small snacks to tempt it, concentrate, and improve the training degree.

Castro eats a lot

Large dogs like Kaslo have a great appetite and need to buy a lot of dog food. If you don't have the financial means, it will be very stressful to keep.

Castro eats a lot. If you buy some imported dog food, the expenditure will be even greater and you can't afford it. We might as well start with domestic dog food and choose a cost-effective dog food. While supplementing nutrition, you don't need to spend a lot of money.

Conclusion: Will you choose to raise Castro?