In Su Shi's "Dingfeng Bo", there are three realms of life

In the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shi, who was born into a scholarly family, became famous all over the world.

Ouyang Xiu, Mei Yaochen, and Wang Anshi praised his literary talent; Huang Tingjian, Zhang Lei, Chao Buzhi, Qin Guan, etc. all worshipped Su Shi as their teachers.

The sad thing is that when he was proud of himself, he encountered the "Wutai Poetry Case", which quickly slipped to a low point and started a mode of ups and downs.

After he was demoted to Huangzhou, he wrote "Dingfeng Bo · Mo Wen Zhuan Lin Tianyu". In his heroic words, he showed the multiple realms of life, crossed himself, and crossed countless frustrated people.


The first level: do not feel sorry for yourself.

"On March 7, it rained in the middle of Shahu Road. The rain gear went first, and the companions were all embarrassed, and the rest didn't know it. It has been sunny, so I pretended to use this word."

In the spring of 1082 AD, Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou, Hubei. Although he also hung up the official position of a deputy envoy for regimental training, his status was humble, and he had to find a way to support his family by himself.

In the third spring of Huangzhou, when he was out with his friends, he suddenly encountered heavy rain. In embarrassment, he became calm instead.

Looking at the road he has traveled over the years, he has really become a down-to-earth person. He also built a house on Dongpo, bought land in Shahu, and prepared to retire. Therefore, he has a well-known name - Dongpo; he wrote a famous story about "Chibi" through the ages.

The real tragedy of life is not the rain in the sky, nor the torrent on the earth, but the despair in the heart.

When Wang Yangming was demoted to Guizhou in the Ming Dynasty, he couldn't figure it out, and even had the idea of escaping and resigning. His father Wang Hua said: "The arrangement of the imperial court naturally has its own reasons, so you should rest assured and go to office."

With a calm life in Guizhou, Wang Yangming had the surprise of enlightenment in Longchang - In the way of the saints, my nature is self-sufficient, and it is wrong to seek reason from things.

It can be said that Su Shi and Wang Yangming have many similarities. A happy life is actually inward seeking. Pain is not given by outsiders, but by one's own internal friction.

When a person cries, it is his own tears. Others are helpless.

The strong become the masters of foreign objects, and the weak become the slaves of foreign objects.

If you feel very painful, life is difficult, then be a person who rides the wind and the rain, instead of hugging your head and running away from the rain.

Standing in the ditch, you can see the moon and stars when you look up, unless you keep not looking up, no one can save you.


The second level: enjoy the present moment.

"Don't listen to the sound of leaves breaking through the forest, why not sing and walk slowly. Bamboo sticks and mango shoes are lighter than horses, who is afraid? A smoke and rain can last a lifetime."

Listening to the rain is comfortable. Sometimes the sound is fast, sometimes it is slow, sometimes it is like a Hong bell, sometimes it is like a big bead falling on a jade plate, sometimes it is like the sound of a piano, and sometimes it is "moist and silent".

Leaning on crutches, walking slowly, although not fast, but has the taste of riding a horse.

Don't be beaten down by little things, as long as you have a coat, you can block the wind and rain.

Everyone must have a belief that "soldiers will come to block, and water will cover the earth". I don't know if there will be accidents tomorrow, but there will be sun, rain, and evening wind tomorrow.

Many people live their lives with trepidation, unfounded worries, and with money in their hands, they do not live a good life.

In the capital, Su Dongpo often had big fish and big meat, and he had to choose carefully when he ate meat. When he arrived in the countryside, it was mostly pork. He suddenly remembered the method of cooking meat in his hometown of Meishan, and improved it, resulting in "Dongpo Pork". He also gave the finished meat to the common people and craftsmen, and the praise continued for a while.

Ask yourself how long you haven't been with your family and enjoyed a good meal.

Or you come home and are picky about the food on the table; thinking that today's work is wronged and you can't eat.

Or you're always socializing with people, drinking "insincere" wine, eating dishes you don't like, catering to the various needs of customers, and saying a few nice words to your boss.

The living conditions are already very good, but you always complain about the society, and you have heard countless complaining voices.

"The scenery is unique here", this is the real "now". Simply eat, sleep easily, laugh and talk to your family, do complicated work slowly, put down the credit, and correct mistakes. Wildflowers and miscellaneous trees on the roadside adorn spring, summer, autumn and winter.


The third realm: the mind is as calm as water.

"The spring breeze blows and wakes up, it's slightly cold, but the slanting light of the mountain welcomes you. Looking back at the bleak place where you have always been, when you go back, there is no wind, rain or sunshine."

When we get to a certain age, we find that no matter how much money we have, where we are, the definition of success is -- a decent family.

"Go home, go home" means going home. Hiding in the hut, kissing me, the troubles outside have nothing to do with me.

Su Shi, who was in Huangzhou, was once again a father. Looking at his infant son, he smiled and said, "I wish that the child was foolish and rude, and that he would reach the public minister without disaster."

A person who is truly wise is as wise as a fool; a person who truly has a realm is as simple as the road. Just like Su Shi's message to his son, the dull is the best and the most stable.

Many people are manic and restless in their hearts, not because they can't live on, but because they have too much desire.

Intrigue today, want to get a promotion and a raise, count friends tomorrow, want to make a profit, borrow money from relatives the day after tomorrow, and don't plan to repay it at all. The scary thing is that brothers and sisters, parents and children also have to fight for their interests.

Lao Tzu said, "The highest goodness is like water, and water conserves all things without fighting."

Be a person like water, flow quietly, even if there is a dirty place, it can be washed clean; no matter how high the embankment is, it cannot stop the footsteps - if you are quiet, life will have infinite power.


Some people commented on Su Shi, saying: "In the tortuous fate, enjoy the poetic life."

Everyone is a fish swimming freely. If you feel uncomfortable, learn from Su Dongpo: Don't be sad with yourself, enjoy the moment, and be calm like water.

Prosperity and wealth are just a dream; ups and downs are just a hundred flowing into the sea; birth, old age, sickness and death are just the laws of nature.

Life is hard enough, why should you embarrass yourself.

The ups and downs are bitter and spicy, and the environment is born from the heart.

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