The "Magnificent Highway" to Autumn

Guangxi Highway in autumn is a visual feast of color. Especially the urban and rural roads that pass through the fields and the twisting and winding mountain roads, which are full of splendor and excitement.

The bayberry section of Provincial Highway 511 in early autumn. Photo by Yan Xia

Persimmon leaves are in full swing along the section of Yatang Village, Jiahui Town, National Highway 241. Hang Huiping, photo

The 100-mu grape plantation on the Rongjin Village section of National Highway 323 builds the "golden string" of industrial wealth. Photo by Liu Kang

Along the road in autumn, the people ushered in the harvest season. Heavy rice, golden wheat ears, full of peanuts, and all kinds of fruits hanging on the trees... Fruitful and full of joy.

Beautiful Yanjiang Road, Liucheng, Liuzhou City. Photo by Guo Zhisheng

Provincial Highway 208 Fudan Road Baiyun Township Tianzhai Hydropower Station Section Early autumn scenery. Photo by Chen Naiwen

County Road 772 Jingxi to Mengma Second Class Highway is beautiful in autumn. Photo by Zhao Bo

In recent years, the Guangxi highway department has carried out the construction of a high-quality development system with the theme of "Zhuangmei Highway", and actively created a new image of "Zhuangmei Highway" that is "smooth, safe, intelligent, beautiful, integrated and green". In 2022, it is planned to invest nearly 100 million yuan to build 11 Zhuangmei Highway comprehensive service capacity enhancement projects such as National Highway 322 from Guilin Quanzhou to Xing'an, and National Highway 228 from Dafengjiang to Sandun intersection along the coast of Qinzhou, involving 8 national highways, with an implementation mileage of about 625 kilometers. Promote the transformation of Guangxi highways from scale expansion to quality improvement, promote the transformation of "service highways" to "highway services", comprehensively improve the service capabilities of ordinary national and provincial trunk highways, and contribute Guangxi wisdom and Guangxi models to the high-quality development of national highways. (China Daily Guangxi Reporter Station)

Source: China Daily Network