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How to get a hickey without “Rizz

Who says you need to have “rizz” or “game” to get a hockey puck? Believe it or not, there’s a way around it! The nerdy college student who can’t seem to get the ladies’ attention can still get the job done. In this article, we’ll explore some basic tips that can help anyone hit the hickey when things don’t go well.

Get creative with where you place it

When you think of playing hockey, you usually imagine it hanging around your neck. However, there are other areas that may make for a more exciting experience for both parties involved. For example, try placing it on your earlobe, the back of your neck, your collarbone, your upper arm or your inner thigh. These areas may provide more privacy and make the experience with your partner more fun. This is especially true if the place you choose is not usually associated with playing hockey!

Foreplay is an integral part of any romantic relationship and should be used as often as possible to increase the tension between partners. By using foreplay as an excuse to play hockey before you give someone a game, you can create an atmosphere of being ready for intimacy. This will make it easier for them to accept your advance and give consent when asked. Plus, this way they won’t feel uncomfortable answering the question, “Why did I get this score?” they won’t feel uncomfortable. With friends and family!

Be insistent but respectful

This tip is closely related to being creative with where you place the puck – don’t be afraid to ask your partner multiple times if they’d like to give you a puck or accept a puck from you! Be sure to respect their boundaries and always listen if they refuse. The key is to not be too aggressive, but persistent enough so that they know how much you want them to give/receive one from them – and that may lead to them agreeing!

Playing hockey isn’t just for people who like to play the game; anyone can do it with some creativity and perseverance! By using foreplay as an excuse before asking your partner, and asking multiple times while respecting their boundaries – you may get what you want without feeling like you’re putting too much pressure on them. With these tips in mind, anyone can work on getting the puck they want without all the “rizz” or “game”! Good luck to you!