Dating Tips

3 Ideas for a Romantic Date

You finally get up the courage to ask your sweetheart out on a date and they say yes! You’re ecstatic, but insist …… What should you do? How will you attract your date? Suppose you do something wrong and your date stops liking you and leaves you single for life? Well, that’s just your anxiety talking. However, making a good first impression is key, so here are three ideas you can use to blow your date’s mind.

First idea: Take the long way around. The scenery is important here, especially when it comes to making a first impression. A romantic date is all about paying attention and getting to know each other. There’s nothing better than sightseeing together, no distractions, just you and your date. The best place for a walk might be an evening stroll through the trails of a park, beach or national park in your city. The time of day and weather are both very important when deciding where to walk. Do some research beforehand about the best routes for your date, and then take those routes to the best places. One of the most romantic spots is on the hill overlooking the city. Seeing the street lights from a distance is magical.

Second idea: play games and puzzles. There’s nothing sexier than suspense, and one of the best ways to keep your partner in suspense is through games, like a scavenger hunt. With clues scattered around, your partner will have to keep guessing what awaits him or her at the end of the game. Treasure hunts aren’t the only games you can play. You can even customize a puzzle with a picture of the two of you, or anything that is important to you both. This is of course after you have established more of a relationship. Jigsaw puzzles are also a very creative way to propose to your loved one.

Final thought: Touch. Where, how and whether you touch depends on many factors, including how well you know the person and how long you’ve been dating. Even if you’ve known the person for less than an hour, touch is still important for building rapport and trust. Don’t get me wrong, touch isn’t just about the possibility of future sexual contact. It’s more than that. Platonic touch can build trust and friendship. The best place to touch your partner is where you touch your platonic friend. This indicates that you are interested in getting to know their date better. These places include the upper and lower arms, lower back, upper back and shoulders. Don’t leave them there for too long. Once some level of familiarity is achieved, you can touch your partner for longer periods of time, as well as other more intimate areas such as the face, neck and stomach.

If you and your partner are very familiar with each other, you can make a disconnected game. The way you play this game is to take a piece of paper with the areas to touch and instructions on how you should touch them. Put them in a hat and pick them up blindly. However, these actions should be gentle and more like a tease. No body parts are off-limits.