Choosing a dating site

Reflections on International Online Dating

Online dating is nothing new, but while singles used to prefer to be matched with other singles who live nearby, there is now a dramatic increase in preference for international singles. Ultimately, we want foreign partners to satisfy our curiosity and need for connection.

International online dating has increased dramatically over the past decade, and apps and dating sites that specialize in matching Western men and women with foreign partners have become big business.

From matching algorithms and translation services to gifts and singles tours, international online dating companies do everything they can to help you find the perfect foreign partner.

Thanks to these platforms, your chances of meeting the right single person in a foreign country are very high.

The challenges of international online dating

When you are ready to enter the international online dating market, you may face some challenges that you should be prepared for.

First, you will be chatting with women or men from other countries. Being in a different country/region can present some obstacles that may stop your relationship before it even begins. However, when you work through an international online dating site, you have an account representative to turn to for help.

Plus, singles on these sites know that foreigners (that’s you, dear American adventurer) are a little different and are more tolerant of Americanism and cultural misunderstandings. However, you should do your homework and understand the culture from which you are looking for a match.

Unfortunately, scammers know more about international dating sites than the singles who frequent them. This means you may often have to fend off some sharks who may want to scam you. But more on that later.

If you take your relationship to the next level and you want to bring your partner to the United States, you may face a rather expensive immigration and visa road.

I don’t say this to scare you off, but you should be prepared to prevent heartache.

Pros and Cons of International Online Dating

There are several pros and cons to dating someone from another country. These disadvantages can be avoided by taking care to avoid scams and problems and ensuring a successful international romantic liaison.


There are plenty of willing foreign singles on the site

No need to go out and find a foreign bride or partner

Some security measures to ensure you are chatting with a real person and not a scammer (depending on the platform you choose)

More singles are willing to chat online and meet their significant others than face-to-face

Bridging services such as translators, cultural resources and help desks can help you connect with other singles, even if they are not in your area


Despite security measures, scams and con artists still abound

The cost of using a translation service for international dating, potential cultural dilemmas, and the cost of taking a relationship to the next level can be high

Scams in International Online Dating

When dating international singles, it can be difficult to know whether a potential partner is open and honest or a scammer at work. As with local dating, international online dating can be a way to fall into a romantic trap. Some scams include getting singles to send money, vouchers, gifts and stock to scammers. Innocent singles believe they are in love and may pay for cryptocurrency investments, but this proves to be fraudulent.

Online dating success stories

Online dating isn’t all bad. Admittedly, there are a few ugly singles stories where everyone lost a significant amount of money to international dating scams. However, there are many successful relationships that started with international dating platforms.

Meet your love, just keep your wits about you. Ask for a video call, meet somewhere public, and be careful if your love interest starts asking for money or assets.