Know your partner

Questions to ask before dating again

When talking about dating, it’s easy to get obsessive about what we expect from our partners. But the real key to successful dating, especially after building a stable relationship, is knowing that you’re ready to date again. When is the right time? While there is no one answer that applies to everyone, here are some key things to consider that will help you decide if it’s time to start dating again

Mental health

Are you emotionally ready to move on to that special someone? Failed relationships leave wounds that take time to mend. Are you ready to start another relationship, or do you bring too much baggage with you? Take an honest personal inventory. You may feel lonely without a partner, but are you emotionally independent and stable enough to date again? Maybe you’re ready for a simple date, but not ready for a serious commitment. Of course, we all know it’s best not to get into a rebound relationship because we need time to put down roots after a long-term relationship.

Our children

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you are a parent, this can be very important. If you have children, you should consider talking to them about your decision to date again. Explain why having an adult partner is important to you, and of course take the time to reassure your children that they are the most important person in your life and that any new relationship will not harm your relationship.

Physical Health

Our emotional lives can only be as healthy as our bodies. While health varies from person to person, all people deserve love. But whether you’re looking for your next serious relationship or just want a casual fun night out here or there with another single person, you need to know that you’re sexually fit to start a relationship with a new partner. There is no better measure to ensure we are in the right state to connect physically with another person than simply checking our health. Even if you’re already in a long-term relationship, it will give you and any potential partner great peace of mind if you get yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Get a lesson

Why did your last relationship fail? There’s nothing like a bad breakup to make us rethink our life choices, and this kind of introspection is good. It’s important for us to forgive ourselves, but it’s also important for us to honestly reflect on the role we played in the demise of our previous relationship. What have we learned? Looking ahead, what can we do differently? Here you will find your personal key to relationship success.